Crazy printing of money will inevitably lead to the devaluation of the currencies of sovereign countries, and the next three years will usher in a period of digital currency explosion

Miles Guo

The domestic 10 trillion U.S. dollars, that is 67 trillion RMB was printed in the past, how much is it in a day?

That is about 200 billion or so, 10 trillion dollars is how many times the GDP of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Shanghai?

Wow, it’s all printed money

Do you think the US and the world’s stock markets, the stock market in the US has risen 78% and 50 trillion dollars market cap

Can it go on like this? If it can go on like this

We humans really don’t have to do anything, the government just prints money and should be fine

Keep printing, stocks keep going up, let me tell you what you can do

The dollar has depreciated 50 times since the Breton system in 1971. Don’t forget that the depreciation is a relative value

Called the relative value of the currency, you take the relative value of the gold content of the currency at that time and the gold content of today

If the entire currency has no relative depreciation, it should appreciate

The financial phenomenon is objective relative comparison value

Just remove what I can grow, and subtract what I have now decreased, that’s where I should be in the middle

When this currency erupts, it’s even the first data that says

that the value of the currency’s expected appreciation and its current depreciation amount are divided into the real value of the currency

If it doesn’t depreciate 50 times, how many times it should appreciate, do you know?

Human beings create so much wealth, according to the calculation of the entire currency issuance of M2, M0

The dollar should now appreciate by 200 times, multiplied by the factor of 3.7

Humans have created 3.7 times their wealth andthey just reduced the value to less than 50 times, dilution of wealth

Where did the money go? Where the money is?

now humans will no longer be stupid because it has 2 core factors can’t get through

  1. Internet technology, the government can’t say whatever they want to say, it is impossible for people to shut up

Second, with the birth of blockchain technology, everyone has a choice, if iI don’t need you, then what I can use

What is the concept of blockchain technology? All mankind is now worth 1300 trillion U.S. dollars, all the amount of money

In the past decades of GDP, almost half of these more than 1,000 trillion U.S. dollars are all diluted

Diluted things are multiplied by currencies ranging from 3.7 to 3.9 and the coefficient of wealth production value

That means the surplus value produced by all mankind and the amount of additional currency issuance

that it should not be more than 2.5 times to 3 times, and everyone abides by the rules, it is now over 30 times

Then all will evaporate, after evaporating, how much will the virtual currency grow?

Virtual currency will regain all the wealth of the past few decades that all human beings deserve

Production value, surplus value, more than 1,000 trillion are reflected in virtual currency

It takes about 5 to 10 years, and these 3 years is the core period of skyrocketing

What is it mean? Even now Bitcoin has gone

Bitcoin has more than 1 trillion dollars and now you see all those miscellaneous

like dog coins,cat coins, and rat coins are all nonsense

coins without payment features are nonsense, including those all exchanges are nonsense, 99% will be gone

Just like when the Internet was born, 99.999% of the Internet companies are dead


There is oneBaidu leftinside China’s firewall, it’s that simple

Which is more than 1,000 trillion dollars human production wealth

The repricing of currency rights and currency methods will be born on the blockchain, and the government has no choice

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Crazy printing of money will inevitably lead to the devaluation of the currencies of sovereign countries, and the next three years will usher in a period of digital currency explosion
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