Miles Guo on the U.S. and the World Economy

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

On November 19, Miles talked about the U.S. economy during the grand live broadcast, mentioning three impermissible aspects of the economy for the American people.

First, Americans will never accept a gas price higher than $4 a gallon. Otherwise, American politics will change dramatically.

Second, American society will also go into turmoil when the unit price of bread exceeds $1.25.

Furthermore, if the price of energy, such as natural gas and electricity, rises to 120% of the historical price, the ruling party will surely fall from power.

Miles Guo commented that the current U.S. economy is like a person who has a “brain stroke” after receiving Covid vaccines. The U.S. economy is about facing both inflation and deflation. Miles predicted that by next May, the world economy will definitely collapse, and the economy will be reshuffled. With the birth of digital currency, the history of fake fiat money in human history will definitely end.

Reference: 文贵先生谈美国与世界经济

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