Australian Minister of Defence: The CCP’s warning is ridiculously stupid

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On November 19, the Australian Ministry of Defence Dutton commented on the CCP’s acting ambassador to Australia, Wang Xining, who warned Australia’s remarks as “funny, too stupid, and too ridiculous.” The picture shows Dutton. (ANDREW HARNIK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

In response to the CCP’s acting ambassador to Australia warning Australia must avoid doing things that undermine relations between the two countries, on November 19, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton sneered and commented on the warnings as “funny”, “too stupid”, and ” It’s ridiculous.”

The CCP’s acting ambassador to Australia, Wang Xining, was interviewed by the Guardian Australia a few days ago. When talking about the AUKUS trilateral security defense alliance agreement signed between Australia and the United States and the United  Kingdom, he said that Australia is a “disobedient guy” and warned Australia should not “do anything that destroys our relationship.”

In this regard, Dutton believes that the acting ambassador is reading the script lines of the CCP.

In an interview with Nine News in Australia on the 19th, he said, “Such provocative and funny remarks are really stupid and ridiculous.”

He said that no other country’s ambassador to Australia would say such remarks. Most Australians have seen through the CCP’s ineffective remarks and not need to pay attention.

Since the Australian government proposed an independent international investigation into the origin of the CCP virus (commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia, the Covid-19) in 2020, the CCP has continuously warned Australia and has also issued warnings to Australia’s coal, barley, beef, lobster, wood and wine. China’s imports have taken a series of repression and tariff retaliation, which has caused the relationship between the two countries to continue to deteriorate.

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