Hcoins and Fiat Currencies will Coexist for a Long Term and Circulate Globally

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

In his grand live broadcast on November 19, Miles Guo re-emphasized the importance of HCoin in the future financial system.

Miles Guo said that digital and fiat currencies will coexist in the long term. But HCoin, with its advantages of “decentralized” technology and “centralized” responsibility, will definitely win over other flawed virtual currencies and form a symbiosis with fiat currencies. Eventually, HCoin will overtake fiat currencies and circulate globally.

Miles explained that HCoin’s blockchain technology breaks the physical and geographical restrictions that limit the circulation of money. Currently, there are no laws or systems to regulate digital currencies in any country. HCoin has the world’s most stringent KYC, which can guarantee the openness and transparency of every transaction. At the same time, HCoin has HDollar as a stable currency, as well as HPay as a payment system. This is fully in line with the definition of a market, i.e., a fundamentally fair act of economic transactions under government supervision, according to the needs of both supply and demand.

On the other hand, HCoin differs from fiat currencies in that it has the property of being actively trusted. Therefore, Hcoin will definitely surpass fiat currency in the future and circulate worldwide. Coupled with the ability of the Federal Reserve to set the rules for issuing and trading digital currencies in the future, Hcoin will be the “Bretton Woods System” of digital currencies.

Reference: 与法币长期共存 喜币将全球通行

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