The CCP Threatens the United States on the Taiwan Issue: Those Who Plays with the Fire Will Eventually Set Themselves on Fire

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Maverick

Image Source: conservative

On November 16, after the video meeting of the China and the United States leaders, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, both sides have respectively issued relevant statements, ostensibly reaffirming their consistent stance. However, some of the terms regarding the Taiwan issue in the CCP’s statement have attracted the attention of the Western media. They unanimously believe that the CCP is threatening the United States on the Taiwan issue.

On November 16, a number of Western media translated and quoted the terms used in the CCP’s circular on the meeting between the head of states of Communist China and the U.S., that is, Xi Jinping emphasized that “some people in the U.S. attempt to promote the idea of ‘use Taiwan to restrain China’, and this trend is very dangerous. It is playing with fire, and those who play with fire will eventually set themselves on fire.” These media believe that this is a direct threat from the CCP to the U.S. on the Taiwan issue.


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