11/19/2021 Summary of Mr.Miles Guo live broadcasting from GTV.org


1. Bruno Wu is bisexual, He prefers female role sexing with man.

2. CCP virus was aiming for the collapse of world economy and US dollar. CCP always wants to destroy US dollar.

3. Three events are not allowed by American people: (1).Gas price is kept below 4 dollar per gallon. If gas prices exceed 4 dollars, American politics will change a great deal. (2). Bread prices exceed 1.2 dollar per pound, people will revolt. (3). Natural gas and Electricity prices rose 20% from historical average prices,  and the economy changed a lot.

4. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao went around and defamed Himalaya coin in Singapore. He will end up like Wang Jian of HNA exactly.

5. Blockchain technology is out of control of any governments. It is a method of bookkeeping. People could trade with each other without centered control, no 3rd party agent, no bank, no credit card.

6.  Real estate company of Dubai accepts Himalaya coin and Himalaya dollar payment. It’s most significant event after Himalaya coin trading, which made digitized currency more credible than fiat currency.

7. Using Canadian dollar in Canada, using Korean Won in South Korea, all fiat currency are used by mandate in certain areas. However, Himalaya coins are accepted by active clients willingly.

8. Himalaya coin will exceed Bitcoin for sure in future. And Bitcoin won’t be limited with 21 million coins. Can you make sure everything about Bitcoin is truthful? Is there a possibility that the 2nd Bitcoin system existed?

9. The vaccination disaster will change everything. Everything with humanity will be changed because of the vaccination. Artemisinin could cure vaccinated people.

10. Science is comprehensible to certain things under certain conditions with certain limitations. Out of that, science could be denied and doubted. And Science is the definition of the material world under certain conditions, it can not define the spiritual world.

11.  Why Mr. Miles Guo interested in sperms and eggs? Tiny sperms and eggs carry gene of ancestors. people dead, information of sperms and eggs is carrying on.  sperms and eggs carry micro electric fields(wave). We humans are the result of strongest sperms and eggs combining, this is life. What are micro electric fields? That’s the soul.

12.Nov. 20 has another live broadcast.

Chinese version writer:文俊

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by Maarago

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