Broadcast|Miles Guo Revealed the Hypocrisy of a Bloomberg Report

By: MOS Education Team – 葫芦哇

On November 13, Mile Guo revealed in his Gettr video that many facts are not mentioned and not written in a recent Bloomberg report about him and Himalaya Coin. 

First, Mr. Guo exposed that the person who wrote the report was a female intern reporter. Although she mentioned in the report that Himalaya Coin already has a valuation of 27 billion U.S. dollars, she avoided covering the fact that there is a quota of 100 Billion coins and she did not mention that Himalaya Coin is the best cryptocurrency in the market, including the system. 

Then, Mr. Guo mentioned that this reporter did not mention that there is no interest relationship between Steve Bannon and Mr. Mile Guo, and not with Himalaya Coin either.

Mr. Guo further pointed out this reporter’s “not written” and “not mentioned” facts:

“She did not report the truth of the CCP’s corruption exposed by the whistleblower movement, such as HNA, Wang Jian and Chen Feng; Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie and Sun Yao; the death of Wang Jian and Jack Ma. Neither mentioned the fact that Meng Hongwei and Sun Lijun, who issued Mr. Guo the so-called “ Red Notice”, were arrested, and that Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan are under house arrest…”

All the truths are not reported, why? Miles Guo believes that this reporter is very likely under Bruno Wu’s control.

Article: Miles Guo Revealed the Hypocrisy of a Bloomberg Report

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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