GETTR is Favored by Fund Investors

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Winsun

In the “Miles Grand Live” on November 17th, Mr. Guo said when he talked about the development of GETTR. Since its listing in July, GETTR has passed the most dangerous early development period and entered the second key stage of growth. It has attracted great attention from investors in the investment community.

Mr. Guo explained that the development of all social media needs to go through three stages: the first 90 days are very important and determine whether the media will survive; the second 90 days are related to the healthy growth of the media. If it went through these two smoothly, at this stage the media will enter a period of benign and rapid development.

After several months of debugging and maintenance, GETTR has added new functions of online live broadcast, English subtitles, 5K streaming and other technological media on the basis of short videos and short messages, and has the basic conditions for mature media. Although still in the second stage, fund investors have clearly expressed their willingness to invest in GETTR.

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