Citizens of the New Federal State of China will be the First Group of People to Obtain the Truth of Life and Belief

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

Mr. Miles Guo in the live streaming on November 14, when he was talking about religion and belief, he explained that human beings need belief but do not need any intermediary religions for their beliefs. He added that “faith” refers to understanding the most fundamental meaning of life. For instance, he asks, “why do we come to this world? how do we come to this world? where are we going in the future? and how can we reach our destination?”

He says, the current existing religions are various intermediaries to link yourself and your faith, but real faith does not need any religions.

Mr. Guo stressed that belief is the most inexplicit issue for the citizens of the New Federal State of China at present. In fact, belief is the ultimate problem, and all other issues are only the intermediate process to solve the problem of belief. Specifically, the Chinese people have a long-term being ruled and manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party, have already lost their critical thinking capabilities and judgments for their past, current situation, and the perception of the future. None of the existing religions are suitable for the New Federal State of China that its citizens will pursue the truth and faith of humanity.

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