Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: Western Conformist Education Exacerbates Viral and Vaccine Crisis

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Red Voice Media (USA) is a nonprofit media outlet owned and operated by two million conservative patriots who adhere to Christian values. It has been sidelined by mainstream media and major social media since its founding in 2014 due to its adherence to truth-telling principles.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who was nominated for this year’s Nobel Prize for his success in fighting the Chinese Communist virus and for his in-depth exposure of the horrific truth about vaccines, was recently interviewed by Hongsheng Media.

In this video interview, forwarded today by Mr. Guo Wengui, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko denounces “the Western mainstream media and the big social media as a prostitute” and “an accomplice in orchestrating all this” for the dark forces when it comes to the CCP virus and vaccine lies. They are the “accomplices of the dark forces” in the CCP virus and vaccine lies. But these media are not the worst of all; they are merely accomplices to the forces of darkness.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko believes that the dark forces, including the CCP, “released the virus in order to introduce the vaccine. He used his own experience and medical knowledge of the CCP virus treatment to irrefutably support these views and judgments.

He said that young people who are infected with the CCP virus have a nearly 100% chance of recovering from the disease after being treated with medication. Therefore, the vaccine has no medical use and is not medically necessary. On the contrary, data show that the ratio of vaccine lethality to the lethality of the virus itself is as high as 100:1.

According to data obtained in February of this year, for every child who dies from the CCP virus, 100 children die from the vaccine. This is clearly the annihilation of children! And the booster shots now being pushed are just a continuation of the slaughter process. It is a way of interfering with human evolution in order to exterminate vulnerable groups.

These vaccines are so targeted that they cause blood clots, myocarditis, heart damage, miscarriages, increased chances of cancer, impaired immune system and ovarian function, etc. Even more frightening is the potential genocide that could occur if there is a dependence on vaccine antibodies in those who receive them.

With that said, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko angrily questioned why dangerous vaccines are being used for a CCP virus that can be easily controlled with the use of drugs? Who is behind the manipulation of such a high level of grand collaboration to promote a killer vaccine to the world?

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says that only a very small number of people in the huge chain of interests of big media, political circles, academia, and producers controlled by dark forces are stakeholders in the chain. The rest are ignorant groups who are deceived and exploited. Why are the vast majority of people easily deceived and fooled by the dark forces and their agents?

The point is that human beings are losing the ability to judge themselves and make their own choices with individual free will. People do not even see the simple fact that tyranny is gradually eroding their rights, but instead smile at it.

The deeper reason is that the blind obedience of education that has continued for generations has caused the current social decay. Look at the environment we live in: instead of teaching how to think, analyze, or reason deductively based on facts, schools and academia have been instilling this robotic submissiveness. As a result we are deprived of leadership and the ability to think.

Dark forces use viral terror to control humanity. Even highly intelligent people are unable to think and judge properly in fear. They are guided by the “wrong solutions” led by the dark forces, and then defend their wrong views and disastrous wrong solutions at all costs. This is the reason why the dark forces were able to successfully introduce the poison vaccine after releasing the CCP virus.

The breeding ground for totalitarianism is often the constant disenfranchisement of the people and the period of crisis and helplessness. For example, after the Chinese Communist Party seized power in 1949, it deprived the Chinese people of all political rights, seized weapons, land and property, and created numerous artificial famines and brutal political campaigns, causing the Chinese people to lose all autonomy and the ability to resist.

People in the West, led by the United States, are gradually losing their basic rights to democracy and freedom of expression. Social giants such as Twitter and Facebook censor free speech and ban the dissemination of the truth. The fact that even sitting U.S. President Donald Trump’s right to speak has been denied shows that the West has created a tyranny of speech.

Moreover, the fact that the United States has allowed a person who cheated in the election to become president indicates the emergence of a political dictatorship made up of a combination of corrupt politicians and dark forces. The emergence in the West of the worst polarization between rich and poor in nearly 60 years likewise indicates the emergence of a monopoly capital dictatorship in the economic sphere.

Mr. Guo Wengui pointed out earlier that the Chinese Communist virus and vaccine are the child bombs that China, Russia and the dark forces of the West have jointly thrown at the world. The vaccine is much more lethal than the CCP virus. Recently Mr. Guo warned again that the massive deaths and toxic side effects caused by the Chinese Communist virus vaccine will start to break out around November this year to the first quarter of next year. By then the world will be in a huge crisis. Together with the chain of secondary disasters such as the economic crisis caused by the vaccine, this catastrophe will be a thousand times more critical than any previous disaster.

About six years ago, Mr. Bannon asserted that there would be a “battle of doom” between the forces of good and the forces of evil, such as the Chinese Communist Party. Most Western elites at the time thought Bannon was a madman selling “violent revivalism” in the age of song and dance, and even quipped, “Yes, we are indeed facing a war, but it is with Bannon.

The reality is that the war predicted by Bannon has already been fought by the Chinese Communist Party in the form of biological and chemical warfare. And the final showdown is coming in stride. Due to the bad deeds of the Chinese Communist Party and the lack of help, coupled with the complete awakening of the people of the world, the final and complete demise of the Chinese Communist Party will not be in doubt. Humanity will start a new generation and a better life without the Communist Party.

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