Mr. Miles Guo: Afghanistan’s Today Is the Tomorrow of Communist China

【Japan Himalaya League】 Author: Youlanzide Translator: Ranting

On November 17, Mr. Miles Guo pointed out on his Live Broadcast that due to the brutal rule of the Chinese Communist Party and the food crisis, Afghanistan’s today is the Communist China’s tomorrow.

In his live broadcast, Mr. Guo revealed that, according to intelligence, tens of thousands of people have now died in Afghanistan under the rogue regime of the Taliban. It is predicted that at least 800,000-1 million people will die in Afghanistan in the next 80 days due to severe food, medical and economic problems. And within the next year, Afghanistan’s severe food shortage will cause 1-3 million people to starve to death and 23 million people to go hungry.

In fact, based on Mr. Guo’s and the New Federal State of China’s global geopolitical intelligence capabilities and intellectual judgment, shortly after the Taliban came to power, Mr. Guo was the first to point out that there would be a serious food problem in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

On August 20 this year, Mr. Guo pointed out in his live broadcast that Afghanistan has nearly 50 million people and half of its food needs to be imported. Although the Chinese Communist Party has provided 600,000 tons of food to support the Taliban government, it is impossible to supply for a long time because the CCP itself has a serious shortage of food. As a result, Afghanistan is bound to have a food crisis, resulting in the death of a large number of people. But in the end, the Afghans will rise up against it, and the so-called Taliban government, which is supported by the Chinese Communist Party, will definitely collapse.

Mr. Guo also made a point of emphasizing during the broadcast that Communist China is the next Afghanistan. Due to the brutal rule of the Chinese Communist Party and the severe food shortage problem, the future prospects of the common people in Communist China are even more miserable than the current situation of the North Korean people. Today’s Afghanistan is the tomorrow of the Chinese Communist Party.

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