Broadcast|Navarro Talks the Epidemic and Economy on Bannon’s War Room

By: MOS Education Team — Freedom166k

Peter Navarro joined the Bannon’s War Room on November 13, where he highlighted that Miles Guo has pointed out that the COVID-19 came from the Wuhan lab in January 2020, and told the story of what happened before and after the signing of the first phase of the US-China trade agreement. Additionally, it was only 2 months after the Bannon’s War Room was renamed WAR ROOM PANDEMIC, then the WHO realized that was a pandemic sweeping the world. The COVID virus was making the world economy looks bad, and the Biden administration blamed it all on the Trump administration’s Phase I trade deal as well as tariff policies.

In response, Mr. Navarro described the reason the first phase of the trade deal did not touch the Chinese Communist Party is because Schwarzman and Kissinger of Wall Street were in the middle of the negotiations, squeezing the White House officials aside. These people who help the CCP lobby don’t care about organ harvesting in Xinjiang or the disaster suffered by Hong Kong people, they only care about money. These people should be investigated for helping enemy countries lobby.

Mr. Navarro warns that if President Biden takes away the tariffs set by the Trump administration, he takes away 2/3 of the entire import revenue and the protection of American manufacturing from the drag of communist China.

Article: Navarro Talks the Epidemic and Economy on Bannon’s War Room

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