Massive Influx of Illegal Aliens at the Southern Border of the US – Another Globalist Agenda to Destroy America

Author: MOS Education Group – Maverick

Since the Biden Administration came into power, the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country from the Southern border have drastically increased. Up to October 29, 2021, there have been more than 2 million illegal immigrants entering the U.S. from the country’s southern border (See 1). Moreover, Biden wants to give USD $450,000 per person and around $1 million per family (See 2), and has been providing them with welfare such as FREE legal services and healthcare (See 3). All this money given away is the money of the American taxpayers. His policies towards the immigrants have been under heavy bombardment from the Republicans and Conservatives of the country (See 2). The massive influx of illegal immigrants results in the increase of crime rate of all types across the U.S (See 4,5,7), and serious crimes such as murders have increased since 2020 (See 6) and it is predictable that the trend will keep going up given the numbers of illegal immigrants have entered the country and roamed freely since January 20 of this year.

The main purpose of this article is not to criticize Biden administration policy nor attempt to portray all the aliens entering the States as potential troublemakers. As citizens of the New Federal State of China, we will never intervene or participate in any politics of any country. The aim of this writing is to analyze the methods used by Marxist Globalists in order to destroy human civilization. With America being the strongest among the Western developed countries, it naturally becomes the first target for the globalists to destroy.

The Biden administration’s attitudes towards illegal immigrants are similar to that of Germany’s ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel, who keeps the door of their own country wide open, allows massive numbers of aliens to enter the country without filtering, and provides them with welfare. When crimes occur, the government and the media tend to condone the offenders when the offender seems to belong to the group of illegal aliens.

From a humanitarian perspective, it is a benign act for a developed country that is peaceful and has a stable political environment to help people from countries that are suffering from wars by allowing a portion of them who meet the qualified standard to settle there. In Germany, many refugees from the Middle East are getting the chance to re-establish their lives and assimilate into German society. They learn the German language, work hard, bring their talents and skills into Germany, and contribute to the development and prosperity of the country.

Nonetheless, this is not applicable to all refugees. In Germany, (as well as other countries which accept refugees) there have been increased crimes of violence, robbing, and sexual assaults (the Cologne Sexual Assault being the most famous one) that are associated with these refugees. The attitude of the government of Germany and the mainstream media is to avoid talking about it and meanwhile, they emphasize the importance of “diversity” and encourage the victims to “forgive” the offenders because their logic seems to be: “their life was already miserable enough in their home country and now that they are in here, they deserve the right to do what they want. And don’t forget, it is also the fault of White Men that their homeland has been destroyed” (See 8, point 47). Discussions about crimes committed by immigrants are also discouraged.

Let us move back to the current status in the U.S. Similar to that of in Germany, Biden’s government and the mainstream media tend to avoid talking about problems that are caused by massive illegal immigrants and attack those who dare to bring these out as “racist/white supremacist”, “xenophobic”, and “far-right”.

There has never been an administration in the history in the United States which keep their door of their own nationwide open, literally inviting aliens from less developed countries whose majority of their quality in all terms does not match up to the host population, and simply just giving them tons money and welfare that are generated from the taxpayers of their own country. Using our common sense to think, if a government is normal and sensible, how would they ever make these policies? What the Biden administration is bringing to America is instability, chaos, conflicts, inequality, and hatred among different people.

Who would be benefiting from all this chaos? Absolutely not the majority of the ordinary citizens, not those experts or professionals in all walks of society, and probably not even for those politicians in the government. The real benefits of these policies will be those who are behind funding and promoting ideas of globalism, diversity, climate changes, radical feminism, and sexual promiscuity, as well as these degenerate pop cultures that are currently prevalent in the West in terms of music, movies, and lifestyles. They can be known as the “shadow government”, “Illuminati’, “deep-state”, but I will just call them the “Dark Force” here as they always attempt to corrupt and control humanity. They are all over the world and not in a particular country, and they do not have an idea of “nation” but only care for their own interests and domination. They want the world to be as chaotic as possible, and with the right timing, their agents will come out and act as the “Judges” or “Reconciliation” who say they have the solutions and to let them handle the situation, while in fact, they are reinforcing their control on the people.

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This Covid-19 “epidemic” is a perfect example. First by creating fear, uncertainty, and paranoia among the people using the coronavirus, a solution, vaccines, is provided for the people which everyone must follow. Whoever refuses to obey will likely be labeled as outcasts by the government/authority. Look at how the governments around the world describe unvaccinated people and try to restrict them.

It is one of the well-known Marxists/globalists agenda to allow a massive number of immigrants from less-developed countries into developed countries, let them roam free and turn a blind eye to all the problems they cause, meanwhile attempt to dilute influence and traditional culture of the host nation (aka emasculation). The globalist wants to lower the quality of the most influential countries in the world (Western and Northern European nations, Australia, North American states, and in non-White case, Japan). People in these countries are generally more adventurous, ambitious, creative, well-educated, and mentally strong. Therefore, they will find ways to weaken them first in order to exert control over them. They nearly succeed in all of these above-mentioned countries, now their major target is the United States, the final defense line of the free, Western democratic world.

What can be done to change this? Again, as a citizen of the New Federal State of China, we will never intervene in politics in any country. What I am emphasizing here is, people need to realize what kind of tricks and plausible statements the Marxists/globalists are using. Whether you keep standing for Joe Biden or for Donald Trump, or none of them, it is your reader’s decision.

But as someone who studies about history and ideology of Marxism, I just want to leave a mark here to readers: Marxism can embody in many different forms, but its core aim is to create chaos, conflicts, distrusts, and destruction of traditional cultures through beautiful disguises.

I still tend to believe the majority of people would not want to see their own country heading towards destruction. An old ancient Chinese proverb says: Every man has a share of responsibility for the fate of his country. If you want to save your country, it is time to take action and do whatever you can within your capability to make a change, even if on an individual scale it is minor. When everyone is doing their own part, the power will be enormous when combined together, because we, the ordinary citizens, are and should be the actual rulers of our country!

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