Study Shows That the Spike Protein Can Enter Nucleus and Disrupt DNA Fixing

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In the first week of October

A research team from Sweden published information that showed

in their human cells that they are studying

that the spike protein can actually enter nucleus

Now what did they discovered was that once the spike protein enters the nucleus

It actually inhibits proper fixing of damaged DNA

And specifically change of DNA where you introducing double stranded break

Meaning really you break both stranded DNA you shear the DNA in half– you break it in half

The way it does negatively impact how the DNA is being fixed is by somehow

It’s still unknown, somehow interfering

with how BRCA1 protein is supposed to be used in fixing that DNA damage

Now BRCA1 if you mutate that gene,

it’s one of the highest predispositional mutations for cancer development  that you can have is the mutation in this particular gene

Precisely because BRCA gene coded for proteins that are involved in fixing DNA damage

Such as fixing DNA that is sheared in half

So this is clearly news of great significance and should not be taken lightly should be reinvestigated

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