2022 Beijing Olympics in Backdrop of Politics, Money, and Sex Deals

Written by: Skagen

Translated by: billwilliam

As recently reported by several US media, the US government mulls over whether to ban US officials from attending the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year. Yet this topic was not mentioned during the US-CCP virtual summit on November 15. 

According to the Washington Post on November 16, President Joe Biden is expected to approve a proposal of not sending US officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics. The diplomatic boycott has so far garnered bipartisan support, including from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to protest Communist China’s human rights abuses. Some Republican lawmakers argued American athletes should also boycott the event. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken indicated last week that he is discussing with allies how to handle the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Today during the GTV live broadcast on November 17, a guest speaker asked Mr. Miles Guo: Why will the West boycott the Winter Olympics? Mr. Guo gave a direct answer: This is the lowest form of political trick.

First, Western governments plan the boycott to “deflect political responsibility.” They’ll say: “I told you about the genocide in Xinjiang. I warned you the risk of virus infection.”

Second, the politicians put on a show that they boycott the event because of the genocide in Xinjiang. Then they’ll wait for the Chinese Communist Party to bribe them through the BGY Plan (espionage by deception, money, and sex). This is a bargaining process to ask for more money.

Third, the Olympic game is all about money. Mr. Guo knows best that the 2008 Beijing Olympics is about bribery through money and sex. A beautiful woman named Li Hong has been the International Olympic Committee’s representative in Beijing since 2003. She is the CCP’s seductress. Li has booked private suites on the 21st floor of the hotel Pangu Plaza. The suites are larger than living rooms, has two sets of doors, and are designed for leaders to have sex. Li in luxury pajamas often picks up (foreign men) in the elevator hall. 

While the Olympic spirit is lost, the essence of Olympic game is bribery. According to Mr. Guo, then Communist China leader Jiang Zemin first dangled casino license in Macau to secure the support of American casino owner Steve Wynn, who in turn helped Communist China win the bid to host the 2008 Olympics. In a speech, former leader Deng Xiaoping once described the CCP’s plan to boost its image by hosting an Olympic game. The true nature of the CCP’s Olympics games is bribery for all voting representatives of Olympic Committee, whether from Africa, Asia, or South America. Then Mayor of Beijing Liu Qi once commented on a foreign female voting representative: “This voting woman loves boys very much. Send her some beautiful boys who can dance. Select boys from Xinjiang and Tibet.” By the same token, the Beijing Winter Olympics is a convention of corruption and bribery.

Mr. Miles Guo said he is staunchly against the Winter Olympics in Beijing: our voice and objections as members of New Federal State of China cannot be silenced by the International Olympic Committee. We know how the CCP won its bid to host Olympic games. After finishing her job in the 2008 Olympic game, the beautiful woman Li Hong founded Shankai Sports, whose offices are located in Beijing and Switzerland (location of International Olympic Committee). Her company helps the CCP communicate with the International Olympic Committee. She boasts of tight bonds with her business partners: “We built very deep trust, akin to the feelings between young students doing farming in the countryside (during the Cultural Revolution) or between soldiers. That is a life-or-death test rare in peaceful times.” By Mr. Guo’s interpretation, Li Hong is a female spy laying honey trap in the Olympic Committee.        

Mr. Guo then lists three possible outcomes for the Beijing Winter Olympics: 1) the world is furious at the CCP as virus infections spike; 2) Xi Jinping is vulnerable to assassination when he delivers a speech at the Olympic game; 3) if the Beijing Winter Olympic were successful, foreign leaders will be envious and will ramp up efforts to take down the CCP. There are ways to make the Winter Olympic unsuccessful.


Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on November 17, 2021


Script of live broadcast on November 17, 2021

Li Hong and the 2008 Beijing Olympic game

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