Miles Whistleblowing 11/17: The Myth of Himalayan Currency is Just Beginning

Written by: Ermat

The time for Himalayan currency prices to skyrocket is far from here. Mr. Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast on November 17 that the time for Himalayan currency to really skyrocket in price will only come when Hpay goes online, a large number of users enter, and Himalayan currency has physical stores to receive it.

Now the price of Himalayan currency is up to $34 a piece. But 80 to 90 percent of the market is not open to it, and the functionality is far from complete. kyc is a big switch. It’s too early! When there are more countries using Himalayan currency, there will be more account owners, maybe a million or 10 million users on the online exchanges. At that point, a lot of cash comes in, then the number of transactions increases, then the number of buyers increases. At this time the value of your Himalayan currency is then definitely not $34. How long will it take for the coins to be worth something? I repeat, without national sovereign approval, without a banking license for the new virtual currency, without exchange license approval, without opening up the entire Hpay usage, the price you see is a very small part of its future price. The core of all the value is hpay, and then just a few licenses ah. So don’t worry about this market, it’s only two or three weeks. Brothers and sisters, any successful investment requires five to ten years of patience. No need to wait five to ten years, you just have to have three years of cooling off period, you are the winner of life.

Now, no funds are allowed in. How are they going to play you? This is a very simple truth, and people must learn this investment. They will repeatedly sell off and buy back. They can use this method to buy the currency you have in your hands at a low price.

The price of Himalayan currency is firm. One reason, no one is selling now.Reason number two, institutional investors are not allowed to come in and smash the plate . Third, hpay is not online, there is still some good news that is not out. But remember, look at where hpay, hcoin and hdollar  are accepted in the world now? It’s Dubai. No one is seriously looking into the matter of being able to buy property in Dubai. No one sees how big the impact of this thing will be.

Why do we have GFashion? The day GFashion was born, there were two things that people didn’t realize. With the existence of GFashion as an actual object, this Gclub can do more in the future. It is because it is the only membership that has physical reception and can be relied on. This is not available in the world. But it can have physical stores in the future. This is completely redefined in the US and Western law. And more importantly, it prepares for the birth of Himalayan currency. Once the coin is accepted by a physical store to buy things, to drink tea, the value of the coin is completely different from. So these two features of GFashion  are significant.

The next step is that as long as the coins can buy clothes and anything, the physical stores will accept the circulation of the coins more and more in the future. You can imagine the value of Himalayan currency once it starts to circulate! It is changing the way people live, and that is huge. Then Dubai will allow it to buy property. One of the most important princes said to me, we’ll accept you to buy a house right away. The day digital currency goes to physical stores, it’s significant.

Mr. Guo said that next May is the time point when you consider selling a few Himalayan currencies to solve your life problems. In the period from May to a year, consider whether to take some Himalayan currency as collateral. The loan will probably be available within a few months for sure. Then go for a loan to buy a house, a car, a big item and see if it’s worth it. You must wait two to three years to really sell Himalayan currency.


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