Toxic Vaccines, How Far Do You Have to Go to Do Harm?

Author: MOS Finance Team – Leah

According to a November 17th report from Reuters Washington, the United States plans to invest billions of dollars to expand production capacity for the CCP virus vaccine, providing an additional 1 billion doses a year, White House coordinator Jeff Zients said on Wednesday.

Zients also said the administration is preparing to provide significant help to mRNA vaccine makers to expand the construction of infrastructure and training of personnel. These new facilities will be operational by 2022.

There are numerous videos and articles on media platforms GTV and Gettr showing the dangers of vaccines to humans, and Mr. Wengui has repeatedly stressed that the forced vaccine mandates are tantamount to an act of murder. These government agencies, big tech companies, and dark forces, represented by the United States, are colluding with each other, and their interest is profits, regardless of people’s lives. According to the GTV News Talk morning report on November 17, Pfizer and other three major vaccine companies can make $1,000 profit every second!

In the face of such huge economic profits, ordinary people all over the world have become white mice in their labs. What’s even sadder is that this White House spokesman claimed that 2.6 million children between the ages of 5-11 will receive their first shot today.

Sources: Toxic Vaccines, How Far Do You Have to Go to Do Harm?

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