FBI Whistleblower: Merrick Garland Perjury

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November 17, 2021

Image Source: New York PostMerrick Garland, Joe Biden’s nominee as Attorney General – Getty Image

What do you think is the biggest story on the major networks in the US this morning? 

CNN – “Another example of US democracy in peril (Trump led revolution)”

MSNBC – “Steve Bannon is fully prepared to be a martyr for the MAGA movement”

ABC – “Covid vaccine can be bundled with a child’s routine shots, doctors say”

CBS – “Iowa man convicted of killing man, leaving body burning in ditch”

NBC – “Democrats rebrand massive safety-net bill in face of inflation attacks”

NYT – “Belarus moves to ease pressure on border after violence”

WAPO – “States sidestep federal rules to offer booster shots to all adults”

I would have thought that a story about an FBI Whistleblower, from the Biden Administration, who came forward yesterday with emails showing that AG Merrick Garland lied to Congress’ Judiciary Committee in October when he testified that the FBI was not targeting parents protesting school board meetings over CRT and transgender theory, might have warranted a front-page story in these “major” news sites, or even a story anywhere on their site. The FBI launched a National counter-terrorism operation against American parents protesting at schoolboards, and a search using the term “FBI whistleblower” on these sites yielded no results for this news.

A search of the Internet (using Duck-Duck-Go not Google) using the search term “FBI whistleblower” reveals five stories on alt-news sites: National Review (“FBI Whistleblower Claims DOJ Used Counterterrorism Tools against Parents in Response to School-Board Memo”); Yahoo News ( “FBI Whistleblower Claims DOJ Used Counterterrorism Tools against Parents in Response to School-Board Memo”); Fox News (“AG Garland must come back to Congress after whistleblower claims he lied about FBI targeting parents: Hawley”); The New York Post (“FBI created ‘threat tags’ over alleged harassment of educators, whistleblower says”); and the Washington Examiner (“FBI using ‘counterterrorism tools’ to monitor threats to school boards, whistleblower email shows”).

An internal FBI email obtained from the whistleblower shows the agency is using “counterterrorism tools” to monitor threats against school board members and teachers. The email directed agents working in counterterrorism to monitor threats against school board members, teachers, and staff to determine if a threat violates federal law, in accordance with Garland’s Oct. 4 memo. The email which was signed by Timothy Langan, FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, created a “Threat Tag” (EDUOFFICIALS) for FBI officials to use, and directed agents to “apply this new threat tag to all investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers and staff. Attempt to identify the motivation behind the threat and whether there are federal violations that can be investigated and charged(1). In other words, the FBI operationalized counterterrorism tools, at the behest of the left-wing National School Boards Association, against concerned parents.

An FBI spokesperson’s reply to this news reads: “A tag is merely a statistical tool to track information for review and reporting. The creation of a threat tag in no way changes the long-standing requirements for opening an investigation, nor does it represent a shift in how the FBI prioritizes threats. The FBI has used tags to track everything from drug trafficking to human trafficking.”(1)

Parents protesting at school board meetings are using vehement and colorful language because they are rightfully angry at the garbage rebranded Marxism that some school districts want to indoctrinate their children with. They are now being treated the same way as drug traffickers and human traffickers.

The best reply to the Marxist Attorney General comes in a quote from the unknown parent who stood up to the Pennsbury Pennsylvania School District in June of 2021. He quoted from a US Supreme Court proceeding – New York Times v. Sullivan 1964 – Constitutional case law in the US: “This nation is founded on the profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust and wide open, that may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials. I don’t have to be nice to you, this parent went on, nobody behind me has to be nice to you. If you don’t like living in the United States of America, then you can move to Russia, Cuba or China. This is the First Amendment. … my right to critique your Fascism, which is what this is, is constitutionally protected.”

Merrick Garland at the DOJ, and the FBI, would consider that a threat and assign the ‘EDUOFFICALS’ threat tag to it. I consider it the foundation of American freedom.

Garland previously testified that the Department of Justice “supports and defends the First Amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish about the education of their children about the curriculum taught in the schools“, but this new Whistleblower evidence brings that assertion into doubt.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) has called Garland back to Capitol Hill to reply to these allegations.

Image Source: NationalReview.com – Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.,) at AG nominee Merrick Garland’s Senate confirmation hearing, February 22, 2021 (Demetrius Freeman/Reuters)

Freedom is brittle. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…Edmund Burke. We can see clearly how the Justice and Security apparatus of the United States is being used as a political arm of the Democratic party, and by extension, of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The rot goes deep into the Biden regime. Is it even possible to pull these weeds out anymore? It will require cutting the head off the snake – the CCP. The only way this can be achieved is by following the advice of the Whistleblower Movement of Miles Guo.

Unfortunately, as can be seen from the humiliation President Joe Biden received in the virtual meeting he had with President-for-life Xi Jinping on November 15th, America is considered a vassal state by Xi. Biden was told by Xi he could not mention the source of Covid-19, Taiwan, Xinjiang Genocide or technology theft. Under those conditions Biden should never have agreed to the call.  Instead Biden reiterated the US’s commitment to the “one-China” policy – in other words, capitulating to Xi on the issue of Taiwan, and he was insulted by Xi (without even knowing it) as Xi referred to him as “my old friend” rather than by his honorific “Mr. President”. Only someone knowledgeable in Chinese culture would pick up on that. The administration is desperate to be seen to having success domestically and internationally. Discussing the environment and lifting sanctions is hardly that. 

The CCP is in control of Biden, his regime, his Justice Department, his Attorney General, his FBI. The only remaining source of strength and hope are American patriots.  Can they rise to the occasion?


[1] “FBI using ‘counterterrorism tools’ to monitor threats to school boards, whistleblower email shows”, Jeremiah Poff, Washington Examiner, Nov 16, 2021 https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/fbi-is-monitoring-threats-against-school-board-members-whistleblower-email-shows

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