[November 15th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Today is November 15th. Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. Yesterday, and especially yesterday afternoon, most events were related to the IPOs (Initial Public Offering) in China which had just gone public, and the stock prices fell below their initial offer prices. This is unprecedented.

Today is Monday. Many people are busy making large OTC (over-the-counter) trades, selling off large amounts of China concept stocks in the US market and the “stock dividends” of Chinese listed companies in Hong Kong.

Also, many countries attempt to cancel all their then subscribed amounts of currency swap in RMB — the currencies exchanged between countries. Wow, this is such a big deal.

The CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CCP Central Committee has just ended, and this happens. Right? The game of “the universe is infinite, the earth is a grain of sand” (perverted sexual games involving young girls) is still going on.  It’s just the beginning, right?

So many people have begun to dump their stocks. I believe the world economy is going to feel the chill this week.

Today Xi Jinping and Biden held a virtual summit. At the same time, our Master Bannon was forced to go to the FBI building. These two events happened at the same time, which is deliberately arranged.

So you can feel that “Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)” has such incredible power in the US. His influence is everywhere, making the earth tremble and creak.

“American people will experience a chilly winter. They have no gasoline to burn and no food to eat. And their stock market is about to collapse.” — This is according to the CCP’s domestic propaganda to brainwash Chinese Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people).

But it seems that we don’t hear any “cracking sound” here in the US. Do we? Neither do we see Americans without food to eat. My goodness, this is so crazy!

The price of Himalaya Coin (HCN), listed and traded in Himalaya Exchange, keeps going up these days. Just like the saying in Chinese slang, “Boys can pee so high upwards and spray urine on their own faces.” This feels so cool. The HCN price keeps going higher without any pull-back.

But the CCP’s economy is finished. Keep in mind: a country is a country after all. Those foreign countries that are large trading partners with the CCP China, they sign currency swap deals with you, i.e. to exchange their national currencies with your currency RMB, usually the main reasons are to reduce dependence on the US dollar, reduce the intermediate currency transaction costs, and avoid tax problems incurred between the two countries. 

Once the amount of such currency swap is reduced, it means a drop in trade volume and a lack of confidence. If the partner country would rather pay the high cost to settle payments in US dollars, it implies a much-deteriorated trading situation.

In the past, the CCP’s IPOs have always gone up on its first day of trading. But now those new IPOs all fell on debut.  

And right now in China, the enterprises in central and northern China, covering areas such as Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Shanxi, and Shaanxi, all have difficulty paying their employees. China suddenly seems to have returned to the 1980s and early 1990s when state-owned enterprises were in the same situation back then.

At that time, Zhu Rongji (former Premier of China) implemented the policy called “breaking the ‘iron rice bowl’ (lifetime employment) of state-owned enterprises”. That’s when China was reforming and opening up its economy. Back then, companies everywhere did not have money to pay their employees in the winter — I remember very clearly, and it was in the 1980s.

What did the companies do when they have no money to pay their employees? Some state-owned enterprises pay their employees with cotton-padded jackets, the products they produced themselves, or cement products such as cement beams and cement tables instead. Now this same situation has emerged again, and what can the companies give to their employees?

Therefore, the CCP’s current economic situation is terrible. The CCP has published the figure of building 10 million houses per year, but the reality is the CCP builds about twice as many houses per year — 20 million houses. Building 20 million houses per year for 1.4 billion Chinese people, including the elderly and children. Does anybody do the math and figure out how much each person owns on average? 

How can the CCP’s economy sustain in this way? And the CCP even wants to impose real estate tax.  Can Lao Bai Xing still survive?

During the Qin Dynasty in Chinese history, Lao Bai Xing was forced to build the Great Wall, which looked like a great goal. Is the Great Wall built back then of any use for today? Whom do you defend against?

Wasn’t that just an excuse made by the royalty at that time? And the actual purpose was to weaken the people, impoverish the people, and distress the people. Wasn’t it just for ruling Lao Bai Xing as livestock? Wasn’t it just for disabling Lao Bai Xing from overthrowing the dictators and the emperors?

Now, these 20 million sets of houses, officially announced 12 million, who will live there? With the extra real estate tax, who can afford to live there? The CCP’s purpose is to rip off the Chinese, making them owe various debts, credit card debts, mortgages, and car loans. 

Some people cannot see through this. Do you really need to live in a large size three-bedroom house just for you, or with only one or two kids? Is it worth it to pay so high real estate taxes? Is it worth it to turn yourself into a mortgage slave, yet you can never own the house permanently? In CCP China, you do not have rights to the land, nor freehold to the property. What is the point of owning such a place?

It is really hard to awaken these people to such an obvious scam. It is unmistakably the CCP’s policy to weaken and impoverish people. You buy something that would never belong to you, yet you have to pay for it with a lifetime of hard work.

These days the entire cryptocurrency community is on fire, really on fire. There are more than 800 digital currencies around the world. But only 20 to 30 of them are really functional. The total value of these 20-30 cryptocurrencies combined is more than 50%, even up to 80% of the whole market value of all digital currencies. The official figure of the total market value of cryptocurrencies is over $3 trillion, the actual value reaches $6 trillion.

Many people do not yet understand the basic concept about what cryptocurrency is. It has a digital cryptocurrency center with a decentralized public ledger system, which has completely broken the original system of government monopoly, domination, and looting. Digital cryptocurrency will definitely become the most popular currency and financial instrument internationally very soon.

The CCP is scared to death now. I have heard that the Digital Currency Research Center in Shanghai sent numerous warnings to the People’s Bank of China, saying “it is impossible for the CCP’s digital RMB to circulate.”

The circulation of the digital RMB could cause massive conflicts among the paper currency issued by the major banks, the standardization of the RMB, the cut for requirement reserve ratio (RRR) of RMB deposits, and the digital RMB. In the end, this will cause the confrontations of digital currencies and paper currencies among Lao Bai Xing, as well as between Lao Bai Xing and the government.

With only paper currency, it is one situation. However, other problems will arise as digital currency is issued:

Who will be authorized to issue the digital RMB, the several major banks or the central bank?

Will the digital RMB be issued in a centralized manner or be facilitated by the state? 

Will the digital RMB be issued by a first-tier center or the second-tier center? 

Who is responsible for the digital RMB that has already been issued by various major banks? Who collects the statistics? How to centralize the accounts because the CCP does not accept decentralization? 

So, digital RMB is bound to be a disaster. Strictly speaking, this is also a favor from heaven to our cause of eliminating the CCP.

The CCP is a criminal organization formed by many crooks and hooligans, they are such low lives. It thought with a fire wall, it could fabricate whatever it wants without being caught. But the frauds in digital currency and blockchain cannot be hidden in the end, because there are too many Chinese who understand digital currency so well. Many of them are even the world leading experts of digital currency. That is not bragging.

So brothers and sisters, at this time the New Federal State of China (NFSC) arised at the historical moment and our financial system was born. It is so great. Now is the best time.

The price of HCN is almost $31 — holy cow!

Next, brothers and sisters, in May next year, until the end of next year, you will see how much the price of HCN is, especially if the three requirements I talked about earlier are met. You will see that the CCP cannot even find a place to cry by then.

When the CCP loses control of the currency that people use, it can only rob. I do not believe the CCP can kill all 1.4 billion people. Nor do I think it can replicate another Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TCMC) just by kidnapping the TCMC employees to mainland China. In addition, I do not believe TCMC will continue to play the leading role in the next two years after the chip technology upgrade. Eventually, the US will still dominate.

So, brothers and sisters, the good times have just begun. Today is Monday. That is what I want to share with you for today. Just wait and see. See you in Wednesday’s live broadcast.

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