CCP virus oral medicine is more poisonous than vaccine

Miles Guo

Tell everyone how horrible this oral medicine is, thisoral medicine was used to treat with AIDS in the past

Remember everyone, it’s not just for AIDS, you can’t just focus on treating with gonorrhea and venereal disease

also the prescription for dysentery and cholera in Africa

the side effect of this hormone is, after you take this medicine consistent many daysin a row

Your neck will be as large as your head, it’s really exaggerated

Especially you have had cancer, or someone who has had surgery

This hormone is so harmful to your body, and it’s even more exaggerated

that it will seriously induce your heart diseasebecause people with a history of diabetes and heart disease

this is extremely dangerous, this is what our European scientists clearly stated

Wengui (Miles), this medicine is more poisonous than vaccines, how much does he say is it poisonous?

He said that many people think that the medicine they take is not directly into the body

He said you don’t forget, illness are all from eating

It’s not from the injection, he said that taking this oralmedicine would be even more dangerous to the body

He said that according to the medicine, after it is decomposed

after breaking down through the entire esophagus, he said that it directly af-fects your nervous system

then is your digestive system, including blood

He said that after the injection, it directly affects these blood circulatory sys-tems

He said it was terrible, and he thought that after taking this medicine

He said this person, he said that this person may have slow chronic side effects

But it is devastating to human nerves and blood circulatory system and circula-tory system

If you didn’t know it, you became a fool

People die from myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, heart attack, and you can’t find it, it’s not so direct

It’s not only the blood vessel burst, the brain infarction, the myocardial infarc-tion

People slowly get cancer, and then any chronic diseases, outbreaksand then die

He said this is too toxic, and he is not so agitated about the coronavirus vaccine as a scientist

This is what I told you today, don’t touch it, don’t even think about it

Thank you

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