Communist China Needs Its Entrepreneurs To Earn Money For The Government

Nov. 16th, 2021

Source: Internet

In a story by Newsmaxworld on November 16th, 2021, it tells how the Chinese government has set up a new stock exchange in Beijing to assist entrepreneurs to generate a mass of wealth and jobs to help China with its financial difficulties. The new Beijing Stock Exchange will be a welcome addition to the two others in Shanghai and the southern city of Shenzhen. Mainland exchanges are mostly off limits to foreign investors, but some Chinese companies have shares traded in Hong Kong, a separate Chinese territory that is open to global capital. The ruling Communist Party has said that they will continue to support entrepreneurs who generate wealth and jobs but is tightening control over tech companies and pressing them to invest their own money in promoting Beijing’s robust industry plans.

Many investors remain uneasy after the CCP tightened control on tech companies by launching data security and other crackdowns last year. Investors have knocked more than $1 trillion off the value of Tencent Holding and other tech giants on Wall Street and the Hong Kong exchange. It will remain a difficult time for Chinese entrepreneurs and investors alike as long as the Communist regime involves itself in financial and business manipulation. These insidious tactics of the communist governments constant interference do not help entrepreneurs and only hinders their growth of wealth and makes them a slave of the regime.

To learn more information about this story please click here: China Stock Exchange for Entrepreneurs Launches in Beijing

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