CCP to Release New Variant Virus in Western U.S.

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November 14, 2021. Mr. Guo Wengui revealed in the live broadcast that the CCP will release a new variant virus in the western United States in the near future. And it will spread from west to east, covering the entire United States as well as other Western countries.

According to the analysis of a former senior CCP biochemist, the new variant virus will accelerate the process of vaccine catastrophe, as well as the advancement of mandatory vaccine policies by national governments. Nearly half of the world’s population has now been vaccinated. New virus variants will make these vaccinated people more susceptible to infection, serious illness, and even death. Also, vaccinated patients will spread the new variant virus more quickly to unvaccinated healthy individuals. For governments of all countries, this will also be the best excuse to speed up vaccine mandates. Even children are not exempt.

Mr. Guo said that this is the beginning of a real disaster for the CCP’s unrestricted biowarfare. We will face the darkest moment of mankind. Disasters are unpredictable, and for the people of the New Federal State of China, the only way to ensure the safety of our lives and property is to band together tightly.


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