Vaccine Passports are a New Identification Badge During the CCP Virus War

Author: MOS Finance Team – Leah

A “Kennkarte”, or a “Jewish badge”, which was used in Nazi Germany to distinguish different people in World War II, is back in our lives from grave. A small QR code divides all people on earth into two categories: vaccinated and unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are being treated more unfairly than ever before.

Reuters Vienna Nov 14 reported that millions of Austrians who are not fully vaccinated will be lockdown again in their homes starting Monday. The reason given by the government is the surging rate of infections and the increasing strain on intensive care unit beds.

Multiple governments have taken discriminatory action against people who have not been vaccinated. Austria is again restricting people’s freedom of movement, this time only for the unvaccinated. Some states in Australia require vaccination to work in certain occupations. Canada’s public transportation is the least welcoming to the unvaccinated, with no one allowed to fly or travel on trains. Singapore requires that from next month you pay your own medical bills if you don’t get vaccinated.

These developed countries, which boast of freedom and democracy, are infiltrated by the blue and gold of the Chinese Communist Party. Instead of tracing down the origin of the virus, they are using the administrative power granted to them by the people to impose unconstitutional discriminatory regulations on the unvaccinated.

If the Chinese Communist Party is not destroyed, all kinds of “new identification badges” will be created.

Sources: Vaccine Passports are a New Identification Badge During the CCP Virus War

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