Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 14th, 2021

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In his live broadcast on November 14th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo warns that the CCP will release new viruses, and half of the vaccinated population might die. He also discusses the Himalaya Coin, the relationship between the real estate crisis and the CCP’s plan to takeover Taiwan, and the implications of Bannon’s indictment. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The first signs of Chinese exclusion are emerging.

In 2017 and 2018, I (Miles Guo) said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committed sins, and the Chinese people would have to bear the consequences. Today the overseas Chinese have felt it coming. In San Francisco, Chinese-owned stores put locks on wooden doors and are afraid to stay open past 7 pm. In London’s China Town, there were incidents of non-Asian customers scolding Chinese people, including Hong Kong people. Foreigners can’t tell Hong Kong people, Taiwanese, or yellow-skinned people apart in their eyes. In Los Angeles, Chinese people were insulted in the supermarket, and somebody suddenly pointed a gun at them on the road. They called the police. Because they are Chinese, the police hung up on them. Chinese kids were called names and bullied by other kids at school. We should ensure the supply of electricity, water, and food in case the situation worsens. Precaution is very important. 

Why did the media suppress Michael Jackson?

America has racism. The music industry and Hollywood are controlled by three groups, overwhelmingly Jewish, so-called unions, and drug traffickers. More importantly, others completely controlled Jackson’s finance. Brothers, you should be prepared for the side effects of being rich. Don’t let money bring tragedy. Michael Jackson is a good example. He was tall and skinny back in the day, such a nice guy. After he passed away, nobody wanted to buy his house, and the listing price dropped to $60 million from $150 million. Even at $30 million, no one was interested. Media disinformation and racism continued as people pried into Michael Jackson’s wealth. The media manipulated everything.

Half of those vaccinated will die. The CCP will once again unleash viruses on America.

The Chinese scientist who fled to Europe was a senior biochemical weapons expert at the Biochemical Defense Institute in Beijing. He is an elder man. He didn’t trust President Trump or the US, so he is in Europe now. Over a year ago, he said that the vaccine disaster would start in May, and the virus would mutate as more and more people received the vaccines. According to him, people with strong bodies such as pilots, cruise ship captains, and athletes are more likely to die abruptly because the mRNA in the vaccines will cause myocarditis and pericarditis. If half of the global population is vaccinated, half of the vaccinated population will die. I (Miles Guo) asked him how to take precautions. He said precaution is not to take the vaccine and not be in close contact with vaccinated people.

The day before yesterday, the scientist said, “Miles, the new virus is coming and will definitely spread from the west to the east in the US.” I asked him the basis of his warning. He said he has intelligence because so many of his ex-subordinates are in China. 

In a similar case, I (Miles Guo) told Mr. Bannon 42 days ago that the CCP and their agents in the US would definitely remove him from the War Room through lawsuits. Mr. Bannon said no way. He believed that January 6th would not become an issue, and they could not bring him down. How about now? Trump will be the next target. I’m not guessing. My intelligence source in China told me so. 

I asked the scientist in Europe what effect the new variant would have on the vaccine when it came out. He said the new virus would accelerate the body’s physical reaction to the vaccine and expedite the government’s roll-out of the vaccine. That’s when the real disaster begins.

The arrival of the blockchain will decentralize medicine, technology, ideas, and knowledge. The blockchain will enable the fair valuation of assets without the intervention of an intermediary.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are also known as digital assets. Peer-to-peer property rights are not subject to the government’s approval and certification. There is no third-party intervention in the standard agreement between you and me. Our privacy is not vulnerable to prying eyes and is a safe way to execute a contract. For example, I (Miles Guo) can tokenize a house, and you can buy it. You don’t have to hire an agent and pay a 5% brokerage fee. You don’t have to go through anyone.

Before I went on air, the global blockchain and digital currency discussion had just concluded. An expert said no one would trust governments and banks when blockchain is implemented, especially when payment capability is achieved. People can put everything on the blockchain. Virtual currencies that can’t circulate will almost always become obsolete. 

The fruits of human labor and time should not be monopolized or priced by governments. The US government takes 50% of your work proceeds; the communists take 100% and still kill you. The arrival of the blockchain will decentralize medicine, technology, ideas, and knowledge through the peer-to-peer structure, and it provides a fair standard to value assets. That’s how great and significant blockchain technology is.

IBM provides the core element of the entire blockchain. IBM’s computer language says clearly that all blockchain’s value depends on whether they comply with the blockchain decentralized cryptography, i.e., confidentiality and security. The digital yuan’s so-called decentralization removes you from the center and makes the CCP the center, so there is no privacy. Bitcoin doesn’t have centralized management or circulation, so it is worthless. Not to mention Ethereum, which has no users or circulation. It’s a boondoggle. The Himalaya Coin is superior. It can circulate, buy anything worldwide, and has a stable coin called the Himalaya Dollar.

Is there anything to watch out for when we promote Himalaya Pay in non-democratic countries?

Nothing. No one can take the Himalaya Coin away from you, not even Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Are there any opportunities for brothers in arms in China to join the NFSC’s defense force? 

A lot of people want to join the New Federal State of China (NFSC) defense force. Many say they wish to send their children. The national defense force is not a boy scout or a kindergarten. Some of you say you are not too old, 75 years old but twice as fit. Are you treating the defense force as a retirement home? 

We hope that next year, the NFSC will have a real defense force, also called mercenaries. We want to recruit locals, real veterans in western countries. Miles Guo arranged everything six months ago. The force will be fully armed. First of all, they have the military license of their local governments and are professionals. They have strong physicals, weapons operation abilities, legal permits to possess weapons, the power to protect you, and local human resources.

We will protect the brothers in arms of the NFSC and all Chinese people, even the CCP agents. Facing Chinese exclusion, we do not distinguish between the Whistleblowers Movement or the CCP agents. All people, including Japanese and Koreans, should be protected, as long as they are yellow-skinned and bullied. 

Jack Ma’s secret office in Singapore was raided. 

Yesterday afternoon, Jack Ma’s secret office in Singapore was raided. Jack Ma, the stupid bastard, had enough stuff in his office to convict him of a hundred crimes. Ma also recorded videos, such as videos of perversions and him taking drugs.

S protein shedding is real.

Dr. Eglise: I don’t have a question for Mile Guo. I will share a real-life story. In early October, 20 children of my daughter’s class of 25 were vaccinated. In a physics lab, everyone sat closely around the table. My daughter’s table had eight kids, and seven of them were vaccinated. My daughter was the only one not vaccinated. I dropped her off at school. Fifteen minutes later, the nurse asked me to take my daughter home because the teacher noticed she had swelling eyes, an acute allergic reaction. One of the kids in that physics class just had a third jab as a privilege because her mother is a pediatrician. I want to tell you all about it. S protein shedding is real and can happen to anyone.

Faith does not come from a third party; faith should come from your heart and original instinct.

I (Miles Guo) am definitely not creating any faith-based religion. Human beings almost always don’t believe in themselves. Because you don’t believe in yourself, governments and religions came into existence. Faith does not come from a third party. No sacrifice should be offered to a third party. All faith should come from your heart and original instincts.

The CCP printed 67 trillion yuan.

The US printed $3 trillion last year; most of it went to welfare, the military, and corporations. The CCP has $2.8 trillion in Singapore, and that is rainy day money. How much of the CCP’s newly printed money was spent? $1-2 trillion of that was spent on virtual currencies like Bitcoin. The CCP printed 67 trillion yuan ($10 trillion). 

Most of the last few decades’ GDP, over $1000 trillion, has depreciated and lost due to money-printing. Humanity’s future financial system without government interventions was born. At this turning point, the Himalaya Federal Reserve appeared. 

Build data centers in space.

Many brothers in arms say we should build data centers because it is the most profitable business in the world now. At a meeting with the big bosses in the US, they said, “You still build data centers? We have miniaturized data centers powered by solar with no energy cost to be sent to space.” The idea is to send data centers to the sky. They’re already working on it. IBM’s computers will use bio-chips. The CCP doesn’t even know how to approach this new field. 

Mr. Bannon was indicted and arrested for his role in the Capitol Hill riot. Bannon will undoubtedly become the godfather of American politics. 

On November 12th, the US Department of Justice indicted Mr. Bannon. A special committee of the US House of Representatives to investigate the January 6th riot at the US Capitol has seven Democrats and two Republicans. This incident will make the Republican conservatives more awake and start to fight back; it will make everyone aware of the CCP infiltration of the US Congress and the judiciary; it will make everyone aware that the Congress is controlled by the Democrats and that the US elections cannot be fair.

Bannon tells the truth. Unlike other politicians, he tells the truth about good things and bad things. Mr. Bannon is an older man. He takes notes when we have a conversation. You have to be careful talking to him because a year from now, he’ll come to you and say that on a particular day and year, you said something. Bannon is the most important example for us to follow. He takes responsibility for his words.

The CCP thinks that it calls the shots in the US. This Bannon incident shows Americans that CCP poses threats to all parties and powerful people in America. Trump is the next target. The CCP will shut him up and disqualify him from running for president. The US officials think more highly of the NFSC and believe that we should have a national defense system. The US is expediting the recognition of the NFSC.

This Bannon incident means the major reset of the American media. No media covers the vaccine injury. Where do serious American media such as Fox and Wall Street Journal get 50-75% of their advertising dollars? It’s all from the big pharma. That’s why no one is talking about vaccines and the CCP’s attack on Bannon. There is a common influencer behind both issues. 

Forty-two days ago, we foresaw the big media to be silent on the Bannon incident. Bannon will undoubtedly become the godfather of American politics. The man who declared the founding of our NFSC has become the focus of the world and a telltale sign of American politics. The beneficiary must be our NFSC. People can’t talk about Bannon without mentioning our NFSC or Miles Guo. Bannon is the first person in Washington to be arrested because of a congressional prosecution since the founding of the US. Bannon’s father was overjoyed and considered his son a hero. In the US, if you are arrested, you will be released soon, which is completely different from Communist China. From the Bannon incident, we see the greatness of the law. There is the rule of law in America.

In two weeks, Evergrande will declare bankruptcy. While the financial crisis is underway, Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan.

In two weeks, Evergrande will declare bankruptcy. Evergrande’s fall is not the most important. Sunac, R&F, Hopson, and Country Garden will also collapse. Wang Jianlin and Pan Shiyi are already finished. When Evergrande goes bankrupt, pension funds and insurance companies cannot recoup their money. Evergrande has set up a liquidation committee or debt restructuring committee. It’s not called bankruptcy, and the CCP continues to fool everyone.

The Western media are afraid to report the Evergrande implosion, saying that it will bring concerns to the Western economy. Why does the Western media not talk about either vaccines or the CCP? Even on the Evergrande effects, everyone strikes the same tone. The media is so awful. Once the CCP real estate collapses, will the $7 trillion investment by the US be returned? As soon as the real estate sector crumbles, Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan. It’s the tactic called “Clamor in the East, Attack in the West” in Chinese. Xi loves to read the Three Kingdoms. He’s going to crush the US economy first and hit Taiwan next. This can only accelerate other countries’ recognition of the NFSC, speed up the growth of the Himalaya Coin, and the G series appreciation.

Several TSMC (Taiwan Semi) executives resigned. If TSMC is destroyed, GlobalFoundries’ price will go up a hundred times, even a thousand times. If TSMC and GlobalFoundries join forces, they can control the global market. Now it’s time to get rid of all the pro-CCP insiders in TSMC. Don’t forget TSMC’s owners are Americans.

When the CCP threatens the US, the US will no longer be the world’s policeman at best. But in the US, the CCP cannot always have a say. We have to have faith in the US and Canada. In China, you don’t have the chance to speak out. In the US, it’s very different. If you do bad things, you will eventually be held accountable. In the US, you can still have a voice. The CCP is forcing the US to capitulate with a real estate bomb, and the US is bound to be enraged.

There are many homeless people in New York. Given so many job openings, why don’t people go to work? 

When you study America, do not use New York and LA as examples. Because of drugs and Democrat handouts, many refuse to work. It’s gotten worse in the last decade. Regarding the supply chain issue, everyone is seeing a shortage of workers to unload goods. The root cause is viruses and vaccines. No one dares risk life to unload goods. It’s not worth it for $10 or $20. Society doesn’t protect workers. The management of these workers is white, who are even more afraid of death. The unvaccinated and the vaccinated are unwilling to go to work. 

The core of the supply chain is ocean shipping. Finding people who can pilot ships is a big problem now because not everyone can steer a ship. 60% to 70% of the qualified people quit despite double pay increases. The ocean is harsh. It makes you seasick until you’re exhausted. The truck drivers live on instant noodles. It’s unbearable. These people have a high probability of getting Covid. Skilled workers, high-end workers, and computer workers are all gone. Can the world return to normal? Impossible. Nobody wants to do production, loading, driving, unloading, and distribution. What kind of supply chain do you have if you don’t fix the vaccine problem?

Why is the H-Coin called the Himalaya Coin?

When it’s convenient, I (Miles Guo) will show brothers in arms two things. You should read a book about it. When did the Himalayas form, and what role did it play in Asia? What role did the Himalayas play in Miles Guo’s experience? The Himalaya Coin and the Himalaya Federal Reserve will definitely revolutionize the world’s finance and will eventually be worth more than Bitcoin, which will surely disappear. 90% of the existing virtual currencies will vanish. There are many versions of the book “the Himalayas.” 

Take your experience and turn it into your faith and motivation. Don’t make your experience a burden. When you’re enlightened, it will be enjoyable, and then use the energy gained to destroy the CCP.

Brothers and sisters, what’s next? If we change the world, why can’t we make China better? We have proved with facts that we can definitely achieve our Himalaya. Other pro-democracy movements say they want to achieve a democratic society. They don’t talk about the Himalaya, saying it’s too old fashioned. We want to define everything humanity can imagine and the future mode of existence. There are limitations to any ideology. The ignorant, the pathetic and hateful, never know themselves. We, the NFSC, have to be ourselves, love others, and not be influenced by anyone.  (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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