Why I Hesitate to Take Covid Vaccines?

Author:Yue Ying Wan Chuan
Proofread: Janyvo

As the Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded since January 2020, Governments across the world have struggled to contain the spread of the virus by imposing harsh restrictions such as mask mandate, and social distancing etc.  As the list goes on and on, none of the measures could prove to be effective or efficient to meet the objectives.  And the ultimate question is still there, “Why vaccine this time?” 

If my memory has not been ruined by endless lockdowns and peer pressures from those vaccinated, Health authorities such as NIH and WHO did not have or earned any credit throughout this pandemic.  Over the last year, Dr Fauci showed his particular interest and “expertise” in the field of mask-wearing.  From no-mask required at the early stage of the outbreak to subsequently advising the public to be double-masked for best protection, this is just another proof to demonstrate that “health experts” can be fundamentally wrong with this virus.  Likewise, Dr Tedros, the director-general of WHO, has also “accidentally” spread misinformation at the beginning of the pandemic.  One of his famous conclusions was that the corona virus has no risk of causing a global pandemic, and countries that shut the door to China were acting extreme.  With such a poor track record, can you still believe what they claim about the Covid-19 vaccines? 

Insofar, the answer for the origin of the Covid-19 remains unclear.  If the scientists are still unable to identify this issue, I wonder how they can possibly create a so-called vaccine to effectively prevent the disease and stop the spread.  If the lab-origin theory, unfortunately, turns out to be true, then it means that those who released the virus can always readily alter the virus-formula to disfunction your vaccine quickly.  Someone may argue this is a conspiracy theory, but you have admitted that there is a likelihood that this so-called conspiracy theory can be the ugly truth.  

The final point I would also like to highlight is the risk of long-term vaccine side effects.  When somebody tells me how safe the vaccine is, I would rather ask the question:”do you have 3 years of safety data about this vaccine?”The answer of course is not because the vaccines have only really been put under human experiment from February 2021 onwards.  As such, there would be so much uncertainties for the following month, 6 months, or 2 years and beyond.  

The politicians or doctors who tried to convince you that the vaccines are safe or strongly encouraged you (if not coerce you) to get vaccinated can only tell you this much: “the risk of getting Covid-19 and die outweigh the possibility of having side effects in 3 years later”.  Now think about it, even if this statement is true (which is hardly the case based on the current data), one’s decision as to whether or not to be vaccinated should not be made by a third party like politicians or Health authorities.  We as Individuals have the rights to make our own call with respect to our body and our health, and this is what we call fundamental human rights.

Published by:Xiao Hong Mao

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