Is Japan’s Fall in Covid Cases Due To Ivermectin?

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Image from: Halturner Radio Show

In a press conference on August 26th, the Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association told doctors in Japan to prescribe Ivermectin for Covid-19 patients, as the cheap antiparasitic drug appears to be effective based on India’s experience.

The announcement was frown upon by many mainstream media. Ivermectin, the medicine that won the 2015 Nobel prize for physiology and medicine, has been labelled as “horse paste”, “horse dewormer” , with many in mass media calling it high risk to humans despite it being used safely by humans for decades.

Three months since the press conference, which took place when Japan was experiencing its all-time-high number of cases, it might be time to assess how Japan did with this strategy.

So how did Japan fair?

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Unless this is a pure coincidence in timing, it seems that daily Covid-19 cases have dropped rapidly shortly after the announcement by the Chairman.

Daily new Covid-19 deaths have similarly declined rapidly since August.

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Curiously, there is a complete lack of interest by the mainstream media on the possibility that maybe Ivermectin works, and that this needs to be studied more. Why?

Is there a conspiracy going on, fuelled by somebody powerful, that do not wish this pandemic to end?

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