[November 13th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Brothers and sisters, it is now 10:30 am. Today is already November 13th.

I was over there watching the “Real People & Real Story” show while listening to the music just now. Today’s show interviewed our fellow fighter Rachel Shen, Rui Qiu — meaning “deep autumn” in Chinese. Cheers for Rachel!

Have you seen the changes in our fellow fighters Brother Chang Dao and QMay, brothers and sisters? They have become healthier, more beautiful, more mature — this is the magic power of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). That is what we want.

Look at those overseas scumbags who pretend to support democracy. Look at their ugly, wrinkled faces. They look like defective products that need to be forged twice. They do not look relaxed at all. Right? They do not look comfortable. 

As the price of Himalaya Coins (HCNs) keeps going up, a female reporter working for Bloomberg came out — she is an intern. It is weird that all the reports about us are usually written by some female interns, and they are all from China.

In her report, she did not mention that HCN now has a total circulating valuation of $27 billion. Her coverage did not mention that HCN has a limited issuance amount of 100 billion coins, and HCN has the best blockchain technology among all listed digital cryptocurrencies, including the best trading system.

In her report, she wrote that Miles Guo is a billionaire (who is connected to the HCN). And what does HCN have to do with Mr. Bannon? What’s HCN got to do with him? Nothing!

She did not report that the Whistleblower Movement had exposed HNA, the scandals of Wang Jian (former chairman of HNA) and Chen Feng (current chairman of HNA). 

She did not mention Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie, and Sun Yao (are the illegitimate children of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan). 

She did not report the death of Wang Jian or mention what happened to Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba).

She also did not report the arrests of Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (former Chinese Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission), and Sun Lijun (former Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security), including Fu Zhenhua (former Chinese Executive Vice Minister of Public Security).

She did not report the arrest of Meng Hongwei (former president of Interpol) who issued the so-called “Blue and Red Notices” against me through Interpol. Neither did she report the arrest of Sun Lijun, including the house arrests of Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan.

She did not report the relationship between these people and Bruno Wu (a Chinese American businessman and a registered CCP double agent) behind the scenes. 

I presume that this female intern is probably from Jiangsu or Zhejiang areas in China, controlled by Bruno Wu. They are envious and jealous of the success of our HCN. Although they want to smear us, they cannot find a better way. Thus, she did not give us any positive coverage in her report.

Even though she tried to smear us, she also advertised for us. Right? Let’s wait and see, brothers and sisters. HCN has only been listed and publicly traded for 13 days. Only 13 days! It is still too early. Let us check back in May next year.

It has already been a few days since I announced the 3-week waiting time (for the big news to be released). Watch the news!

After the CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CCP Central Committee, all Chinese entrepreneurs will have to face the first round of wealth redistribution. Starting from your overseas shares, then the CCP will arrange new management personnel and chairman to your enterprises.

The following second round will involve the distribution of real estate properties of these entrepreneurs. We cannot even rule out that the third round will include distribution of the wives and daughters of these entrepreneurs, can we?

Yesterday I posted a few photos. The photo of me wearing green clothes was taken in 2002 in my office. On that occasion, I was shown videos of Liu Zhihua (former vice mayor of Beijing) philandering women and using drugs, and recordings of his conversations with Wang Qishan — but I never made this material public. “Holy shit! This is crazy!” I said at that time. 

Regarding the picture of me in a suit holding somebody’s hand, I cannot tell you more details. She is the wife of a certain CCP central government leader.

She suddenly proposed to meet with me. “Let’s meet, Wengui,” she said.

You need to know that she travels with the protection of special national security guards because she is the wife of the head of the central government. Even such a big shot avoided talking on the phone.

When we met, she said, “Well, show me around.” When I escorted her, she told me what to do… “Wengui, they are going to take you down, and you must do this to deal with it. They will smear you as a member of Freemasonry, a spy planted in China by the US, they will say that you have long-standing ties with the US Embassy.” She told me.

How absurd is it? I was smeared as an American spy back then and a spy for the CCP here in the US now. During the period when I was at Yuda Palace Hotel, around 1991, they spread the rumor that I was married to an old American woman and went to Zhengzhou as a US spy. It seems I have never been able to remove the label of a spy in my life.

“Someone is out to take you down,” she told me then, “but your ‘brother Tao’ has already helped you out, and you need to do this and that…” 

If it were not for her helping me that time, I would have disappeared from the world. Who did it? I will not reveal the answer now. I will tell you little-by-little in the future. This is the story behind the photo of “holding hands”.

So, that’s life.

I have a lot of photos (and stories). When Brother-7 has time, I will post more. So, you can get to know a real Guo Wengui from my birth to now. I will share my personal experiences with you as much as I can.

Brother-7 was not born with the ability to create G-Fashion, nor with the mind to eliminate the CCP. After all, I was still young back then. But you can see that I always follow the principle of “adherence to the truth”, maintain my courage, believe in God, and have faith — which is the central theme of my growth from childhood — respect for the elderly, loyalty to friends, and sincerity to friends.

Then I dedicated myself to taking down the CCP and improving my family’s living conditions as well, and I never compromised.

It is just funny how the CCP is still promoting Wang Yangming (a Chinese calligrapher, military general, philosopher, politician, and writer during the Ming dynasty). Do you know when I read Wang Yangming’s book? I had already read Wang Yangming’s books during the period when I was in Zhao Jia Gou, northeast China.

Brother-7 did not have much school education in my life. That is a shortcoming, isn’t it?

The last few big live broadcasts we did have caused so much impact within the CCP.

I have not yet spoken to brother Hao Haidong (Chinese football superstar) and sister Ye Zhaoying (ex-badminton world champion) about it — too many athletes have been to my place (Pangu 7 Star Hotel).

What does it mean when you know that neither brother Hao Haidong nor sister Ye Zhaoying has been to Pangu hotel? It means that neither of them is in that circle of high-class triads — high-class triads. They never participated in the game of “the universe is infinite, the earth is a grain of sand” (perverted sexual games involving young girls). 

But too many athletes have been there (Pangu 7 Star Hotel), and they were all world-class athletes. They played (those dirty games) publicly, didn’t they?

Next, we will make a major financial arrangement for all those colleagues who have worked at Pangu and Yu Da, to compensate them for the insults they and their children received from the CCP and the assets the CCP took away from them.

We are negotiating with the investors now. We will let them entrust a third party to set up a fund for those who still work at Pangu and Yu Da, those who once worked there or left because of the CCP’s threats, except the only one named Chen Xiaolong who resigned voluntarily. 

Based on the hours and days of their work, no matter how long they have worked for us, they will receive corresponding Himalaya Reserve shares and HCNs — for life and forever.

This plan will include all the people who once followed me, starting from the time when I was released from Qing Feng Detain Center until today, including all those who worked for me in my companies, who worked in Haitong Securities and Founder Securities as well, and all my previous colleagues.

The arrangement is already in progress. We will entrust a third-party international agency to arrange it for them. When they are free, when we eliminate the CCP, they can get their HCNs, money, and stocks from the institution without going through Brother-7. You bring the proof of working in Pangu, Yu Da, Big Boss Furniture Factory, Haitong, Founder, or the messages of your contact with us.

Of course, we treat them the same as our fellow fighters in China — those who help our cause of taking down the CCP. They have the same rights as our fellow fighters. We are all brothers and sisters.

Mr. Bannon could be arrested. I texted him this morning and said, “How come you haven’t been arrested yet?”

“Yeah, I am waiting too. Arrest me now!” He replied to me. How come he hasn’t been arrested yet? 

This is Mr. Bannon! This is the true hero, the true believer who can only emerge after being through the darkness, the war, the burning fire, and the trial of death.

Heroes never appear in their bedrooms, under the blankets, in their fancy clothes, or at a dining table toasting around. That is the truth.

[My elliptical cross-trainer] is set at the speed of 13. Try to do it for 45 minutes, see if you can make it, brothers and sisters.

There is no live broadcast today, and we are going to have a big live broadcast tomorrow. So, see you tomorrow, brothers and sisters.

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