GT Online: CCP Profiteers by Mandating Massive Virus PCR Tests

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

As the Chinese Communist Party virus (Covid) pandemic spreads in China, the National Health Commission recently issued a virus testing mandate in case local infections erupt: cities with population <5 million must complete virus PCR tests for all residents within two days, while cities with population >5 million must complete virus PCR tests for all residents within three days. Local governments are required to prepare for testing sample storage, sample collectors, virus testing labs, and sample transportation. If some cities or local governments cannot handle testing in such large scale, resources from inside and outside the province will be allocated to meet the demands of virus testing for all.

Gathering huge crowds for virus testing isn’t the most effective method to prevent infectious disease. As the CCP virus transmits quickly among people in close contacts, testing in large crowds accelerates the spread of disease in the presence of asymptomatic virus carriers. The Chinese Communist Party regime is fully aware that large-scale virus testing only fails to contain the disease, but why does it promote such a policy? Who will pay for the costs of massive testing?

As reported by the Shenzhen News Network on June 21, 2021, virus testing should only be mandatory for high-risk population and should be voluntary for everyone else. The cost of mandatory testing on high-risk population should be covered by government funding. For everyone else who are not designated at high risk, the virus testing should be voluntary and should be paid for by people taking the tests or by their employers.

As shown by the cost of virus testing in Shenzhen City this June, massive testing costs money to the common people whether it be government payment or self-payment. Government payment will be deducted from health insurance balance, so the common people still end up paying for the testing, not to mention self-payment. At the price of 50 RMB/testing, the local government reaps up to 250 million RMB in revenue for a city of <5 million population. Is the virus testing mandate a measure to contain the disease or a measure to assist local governments profiteer? It may be acceptable if all the profits from testing are added to the budget of local governments. However, corrupt officials will embezzle most of the money. Whereas virus testing may detect some infections, mandating testing for everyone in large cities is both expensive and ineffective.

We should all see through the CCP’s corruption. The founding of the New Federal State of China (the future’s democratic government) exposes the CCP’s evilness and strives to save the Chinese people from disaster.


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