SOS For Children Aged 3 to 11 in China

Translator: Yue Ying Wan Chuan
Editor: Lish

Referring to the China Government website report on 14th November, Mr Wu Liang, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission, has pointed out that vaccine rollout will continue to focus on targeted population and young children aged between 3 and 11. Eighty-four million children between the age of 3-11 have been fully vaccinated, which projects the task will be completed for this age group at the end of December.

Wang Dengfeng, director of the Prevention and Control Office and Director of the Department of Physical Education, Health and Arts Education, Ministry of Education, claims that there are around 160 million children in the age of 3-11, which half of them have already received their jab. In comparison, the vaccination rate for students aged over 18 is well above 95%. As Mr. Wang explained, China’s education system has progressively carried out its vaccination rollout program, guided by the national plan.

As of November 12th, A total of 2,372,713,000 doses of COVID vaccine were administrated nationwide, with 1,073,485,000 people fully vaccinated. 

The so-called “National program” is only another word for the Vaccine mandate. Chinese people have been coerced and propagandized to sign “voluntary pledges” without knowing the truth. The priority is to save those kids in the age of 3-11, for which no one will take responsibility.

Source: 谁能拯救中共国8439.5万3~11岁的孩子-Gnews

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Mr Cow
6 months ago

Wow the evil CCP don’t care about anything but power and control, how can they force the experimental vaccine on everyone especially kids. Pure evil