GT Online: Miles Guo Revealed Multiple Things That Bloomberg Wanted to Cover Up

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On November 13, in a video posted on GETTR, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that Bloomberg had purposely left out many things in its coverage of himself and Himalaya Coin yesterday.

In the Bloomberg report, many readers could see its admiration for Himalaya Coin and its deliberate smearing of Mr. Miles Guo.

According to Bloomberg, the price of Himalaya Coin had jumped 270 times in less than two weeks, and the price of Himalaya Coin “will surge enormously.”

But for Mr. Miles Guo -the creator of the Himalayan Exchange-, Bloomberg said he was a “fugitive” on Interpol’s Red Notice. (This description has been used by several pro-CCP media outlets.)

In the video, Mr. Guo reveals that the person who wrote the report was a female intern reporter. Although she mentioned in the paper that Hcoin already has a circulating valuation of $27 billion now, she ” did not mention” that “there is a quota of 100 billion Hcoins ” and that the technology used in Hcoin’s listing is “the best technology of all blockchain technologies, including its system.”

Mr. Guo continued to point out that the female reporter “did not mention” that Mr. Bannon not only had no financial relationship with Mr. Guo but also has nothing to do with Hcoin.

“She did not mention that it was our Whistleblower Movement which broke the news about HNA (Hainan Airlines), Wang Jian, and Chen Feng. She didn’t talk about Guangjun, Liu Chengjie, and Sun Yao. She didn’t talk about Wang Jian’s death. She didn’t talk about the events regarding Jack Ma. She didn’t mention that Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Sun Lijun were all arrested, (including) Fu Zhenghua. She didn’t mention Meng Hongwei who sent the so-called Interpol’s Blue Notice and Interpol’s Red Notice to Guo Wengui, who was also (being) arrested. Sun Lijun was also arrested. Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan were under house arrest. She didn’t talk about (any of these events). She did not say what these things had to do with Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu), ” Mr. Guo said.

Mr. Guo believes that there is a 90% chance that this female reporter is from Jiangsu or Zhejiang Province of China and is controlled by Bruno Wu (Wu Zheng).

 “So, they are envious of us and jealous. They want to smear us, but there is not much they can do about it. They didn’t say anything good about us, but this report can be considered as an advertisement for us. Right? let’s see, let’s see,” Mr. Guo said confidently.

Mr. Guo also smiled and told his “brothers and sisters” that it had only been 13 days since the Hcoin was listed, and that “there’s more to come.” “Let’s talk about it in May next year,” Mr. Guo said.


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