Steve Bannon Indicted by Grand Jury: “Je suis Steve Bannon”

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Stephen K. Bannon, former senior advisor to Donald Trump, creator and host of the wildly popular American Populist War-room podcast, confidant and ally of Miles Guo, and beloved friend and hero to the New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) Whistleblower Movement, was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on November 12th, 2021 on charges of contempt of Congress.

Bannon faces two criminal counts of refusing to provide documents and testimony to the House lawmakers probing the January 6th Capitol protest. Bannon is expected to turn himself in to law enforcement on Monday and appear in court later that day.

Lawyers for Bannon initially told the House Committee that he would not comply with the subpoena because President Trump had instructed him not to produce any documents or testimony concerning privileged material. The Committee rejected the reference to executive privilege, the doctrine that allows some executive branch officials to keep some communications confidential, as an argument for noncompliance with a congressional subpoena. 

A federal judge on Tuesday rejected the privilege arguments put forward by Trump’s legal team, writing that Trump’s view “appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power ‘exists in perpetuity.’ … But Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President.”  Trump appealed the case the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which granted a temporary injunction to withhold the release of the White House records. (1)

What led to the Jan 6th protests?

What led to the Jan 6th Washington protest which the Congressional Committee is investigating? That day the Senate was to certify State electors from the November 3rd, 2020 national elections. Because of wide-spread evidence of irregularities during the election, the protest was organized to show displeasure for the lack of action on the election fraud and to pressure Vice-President Mike Pence to return the electors from Swing states and to call for an investigation by the State legislatures into the reported irregularities.

The case against Jan 6 protestors 

The purported “insurrection” case has fallen apart and has deteriorated into a witch hunt. Original insurrection charges have now degraded to misdemeanor trespassing charges as a result of video evidence showing that protesters were ushered into the Capital, milled around taking pictures and nothing more. As the news site Revolver has uncovered, there were several members of the protesting crowd who, regardless of their high profile, have not been indicted by the FBI – Stewart Rhodes and Ray Epps. They are widely believed to have been FBI informants and have instigated some of the protestors to enter the Capitol.

The Committee is Partisan

The Congressional Committee probing the Jan 6th protest was initially supposed to be a bipartisan effort. House speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected Republican nominated committee members Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. The two are known to have opposed the narrative that the Jan 6th protest was an “invasion” of the Capitol. By rejecting these representatives Pelosi was signaling that there would be no opposing opinions allowed on the committee. The Committee would be rubber stamping the outcome without opposition.

As a result, the Committee has become an entirely political effort by the Democrats to vilify the protestors and most importantly to vilify President Trump. President Trump remains the existential obsession of the Democrats.  Steve Bannon is Trump’s top General. And Bannon opposes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which now wields tremendous power in the Biden Administration.


Why is Bannon a target?

The real reasons are myriad.

Bannon is a target mainly because he, along with Miles Guo’s Whistleblower movement, vehemently opposes the CCP. He opposes their plan to dominate the world through unrestricted warfare which includes biological warfare using Covid-19 and vaccinations. Bannon has consistently called for investigations into the Lab leak/release of Covid-19 from Wuhan. The vaccines are being used by the CCP – using the Biden administration as their tool – to control the United States population, most particularly patriotic citizens. He frequently hosts Dr. Naomi Wolf who was one of the first to point out the dangerous totalitarian control that would result from vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and subsequently a CCP-style Social Credit System.

Recently the Louisiana 5th circuit court of appeals extended the stay on the Biden Administration’s workplace vaccine rule, saying the groups challenging the requirement for vaccination “show a great likelihood of success on the merits“. This is a direct challenge to the CCP’s and Biden’s plans for control over the American population through these dangerous vaccinations. Judge Kurt Engelhardt said “the rule, from the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority,” imposes an undue financial burden on companies, and may violate the Commerce Clause.”(3)

The administration will likely request a hearing by the full 5th Circuit appellate court, considered the most conservative in the US, but the final say may come down to a different court. A lottery scheduled for next week will determine which appeals court will hear the multiple legal challenges to the rule.

Should the 5th circuit ruling be upheld on appeal, this will be a shot heard around the world. Vaccine mandates will become illegal in the US, and other jurisdictions, heavily influenced by the CCP’s decades-long infiltration of governments, media, the health regulatory bodies and more, will likely follow suit.

The stakes are enormous. Will the CCP-influenced coup of Western institutions continue or will it be stopped? This will be a judgment heard around the world. Bannon’s War-room, along with Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement have been at the forefront of revealing the danger of these mandates. There is no doubt that this is why the Biden-CCP coalition wants Bannon out of the way.

Bannon is the Leader of the patriotic Populist movement. Along with Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement this is the principal opposition to the CCP’s infiltration of the west. They are the defenders of the faith, of democracy, of freedom. Much like the defense of Vienna in 1529 by Niklas Graf Salm against the siege by the Ottoman empire, Bannon’s War-room has mobilized the opposition to the siege of western Civilization by the CCP. 

By using the War-room podcast as his platform Bannon has successfully galvanized and grown the MAGA movement throughout the US. By empowering the populist movement and calling for action, Bannon has succeeded in leading successful efforts to: demand that the CCP be held responsible for the release of the biological weapon (Covid-19) on the world; hold responsible the CCP, the government, health officials like Tony Fauci, and the Pharmaceutical industry for the imposition of mandates for untested experimental vaccines; demand forensic audits of the November 3rd, 2020 election fraud in swing states; focus attention on the clear evidence of FBI involvement in the Jan 6th protest at the Capitol; organize patriots to get involved as Precinct Committeemen in their voting district; encouraging parents to get involved with their school boards to reject the teaching of CRT; opposing the Biden administration’s disastrous open border policy and the failed retreat from Afghanistan. In short Bannon stands in the way of the Communist take-over of the United States.

Comically, several news outlets (Rolling Stone among them) have characterized this grassroots involvement encouraged by Bannon, as an assault on Democracy. Bannon very emphatically reminded listeners of his War-Room podcast that he and the right are trying to do away with democracy by “taking over elections” and overturning Trump’s loss last November.

“We’re taking action. We’re taking over school boards. We’re taking over the Republican Party with the precinct committee strategy. We’re taking over all the elections,” Bannon said.

“Suck on this!” he added. “Ninety-five percent of the ballots in Virginia were occupied with election officials and poll watchers and that is a principle reason we secured the election of Youngkin. They know it. They’re there to have a free and fair count. We’re going to continue that and get to the bottom of 3 November and we’re going to decertify the electors and you’re going to have a constitutional crisis.”(2)

This is the disingenuous nature of the left’s reporting. Bannon has been busy for two years on War-Room empowering Americans who love the country to get involved with the political system in the same way that the radical elements, supported by the CCP, have been organized for decades to subvert the system to their will. Bannon never encourages illegal means. Quite the opposite. The precinct strategy is the prescribed method in the Republican party by which a voter can have a say in internal party policy. They elect district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and RNC members. The office of precinct committeeman has been called the most powerful office in the world (4)

Encouraging parents to get involved in school boards is not domestic terrorism, it is their right. Getting State legislatures organized to demand forensic audits is within the legal parameters of what legislatures can and should do. Ensuring that Republican election officials and poll watchers, including lawyers, are at all the polling stations during elections is (most recently in the Virginia election) is absolutely essential in order to ensure that there is no tampering with ballots and that only legal and certifiable ballots are counted. Democrats have packed polling stations in the past in order to reduce the scrutiny of ballots. We even saw video of them boarding up the windows of polling stations, refusing entry to Republican poll watchers, or limiting their ability to get close to the ballot workers, closing down a polling station based on a faux emergency, pulling ballots from under a table and stuffing them through a ballot counting machine repeatedly. 

Now that Republicans have caught on to their tricks and are fighting back, not through illegal means, but by ensuring they are not excluded from the election process, the mainstream media and the Democrats are melting down and accusing them of “doing away with democracy”. It would be humorous if it was not so pathetic. 

It is called projection. Accuse the opponent of the things you yourself are guilty of. These are Alinsky/Marxist tactics and Bannon just gets busy organizing the patriots to oppose them, which infuriates them even more.

The CCP has demanded that the Biden Administration use any means to take Steve Bannon off the Chessboard because he and Miles Guo are successful in their strategy to wake Americans and the World up to the Unrestricted Warfare that the CCP has been waging on the west with their control of western government and public health organizations – through the release of the biological weapon (Covid-19), through the mandating of vaccinations and vaccine passports. Two individuals stand between the CCP and their plan for world hegemony – Steve Bannon and Miles Guo. 

In the end, as Bannon himself would invariably pronounce, these corrupt events are all for the good. It will reveal how infiltrated and corrupt the illegitimate Biden Administration is, how infiltrated the Judicial system has become, how corrupt the US intelligence services and Justice Department are, and ultimately how the United States has decayed like a rotten tree by termites by four decades of the CCP’s purposeful unrestricted warfare strategies.

The Whistleblower Movement, and I personally, stand with Steve Bannon. Echoing the French in their support of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after the massacre of their employees by Muslim terrorists in 2015, I say: “Je Suis Steve Bannon”.


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[2] “Meanwhile, Steve Bannon Is Reminding Everyone That the Right Is Very Much Trying to Destroy Democracy”, Peter Wade, Rolling Stone, Nov 12, 2021 stay of Biden.

[3] “US 5th Circuit appellate panel extends stay of Biden workplace vaccine requirement”, Peter Weber, MSNBC, Nov 13, 2021.

[4] “Precinct Strategy”,, Daniel Schultz.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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