Broadcast|Himalaya Exchange’s Private Blockchain Technology Ensures Efficiency and Security

By: MOS Education Team — 葫芦哇

On November 7, Miles Guo analyzed the technical advantages of the private blockchain used by Himalaya Exchange on Miles Grand Live.

Firstly, the volume of transactions per second can reach a hundred, or even 10,000 orders per second by using private blockchain technology. While using public blockchain technology, the speed of transactions is very slow, with only ten or even fewer transactions per second.

Secondly, the digital currency supported by public blockchain technology, once stolen, cannot be recovered when a hack attack occurs. The private blockchain technology of Himalaya Exchange can ensure the absolute safety of the digital currency. It has a traceable trail and can be recovered even if it is stolen by hackers.

Finally, Himalaya Exchange’s private blockchain guarantees the absolute safety of personal information. Account information authenticated by KYC is not accessible to any government or individual, which is called real decentralization.

Article: Himalaya Exchange’s Private Blockchain Technology Ensures Efficiency and Security

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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