To counter the interference of CCP, the European Parliament intends to enact laws with reference to Australia

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The headquarters of the European Parliament. (FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP via Getty Images)

As the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) continues to intervene in the governments of the member states of the European Union (EU), the European Parliament (EP) is considering to refer to Australia’s reverse osmosis regulations to counter CCP’s opaque political lobbying methods.

Australian Senator and Chairman of the Parliamentary Security and Intelligence Committee (PJCIS) James Paterson delivered a speech to the EP on Tuesday (November 9). In addition to mention the effectiveness of Australian laws, he also called on democratic countries to cooperate in countering the CCP’s political interference.

The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia reported that the EP is drafting an investigation report on the CCP’s political interference in other countries. The draft report mentioned that Australia’s “Foreign Influence Transparency Act” (FITS) is a “good practice” worthy of reference by the EU in order to counteract the CCP’s opaque political lobbying.

The draft also pointed out that the issue of political interference by authoritarian state agencies such as the “United Front Work Department of the CCP” has attracted the attention of the EP, Parliamentary reference.

Paterson delivered a speech to the EP via video on Tuesday. He said: “Foreign interference comes from different sources, and the most important thing for a democratic country is to recognize these threats and do our best to combat them.” Paterson appealed, Countries with similar values, such as the EU and Australia, should cooperate with each other.

Paterson reminded that with the increasing advancement of science and technology, the methods used by authoritarian countries to carry out political intervention in foreign countries have become more sophisticated, causing more complex effects and greater harm.

Cracking down on foreign interference Australia enacts the “Foreign Influence Transparency Act” Paterson mentioned that Australia enacted the “Foreign Influence Transparency Act” in 2018 in order to combat foreign political interference in Australia and theft of commercial secrets. The law requires foreign agent activities to be reported, including lobbying, media work, and general financial expenses. This law is considered to lead the world in combating foreign interference.

Paterson also mentioned that in 2018, the Australian government banned Huawei and other “high-risk” telecommunications companies that have a relationship with the CCP from participating in Australia’s 5G network business. Paterson said: “Relevant bans do protect our digital sovereignty. “

Paterson also mentioned that Australia passed the “Australian External Relations Bill 2020” authorizing the federal government to block local governments and universities from signing agreements with foreign countries that violate national interests. He explained that the bill aims to counter the methods used by authoritarian countries to divide Australia’s federal and local governments, especially the CCP’sOne Belt One Road” plan.

Commentary: Once people realize the true nature of the CCP, the only thing to do next is to action to confront the authoritarian unitedly because due to the global Davos agenda, CCP’s threaten is enacted the WW3 on the humanity around the world, which has been in CCP’s ambition for decades, such as its “one Belt One Road” plan is in fact the deploy of its military around the world while looting the wealth of the countries involved and corrupt the governments of those countries.

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