Broadcast|Bannon’s War Room Played a Key Role in Suspending the U.S. Vaccine Mandate

By: MOS Translation Team — 文五月

On November 7, Miles Guo revealed on Miles Grand Live that the influence and operations of the Bannon War Room played a key role in the suspension of the U.S. vaccine mandate. Driven by the Bannon War Room, more than one hundred small private property owners joined together to file a lawsuit in the Fifth Circuit. The Fifth Circuit Court temporarily blocked the presidential order to mandate vaccines. The court order is temporary, but the vaccine mandate policy has been declared a failure.

Since the countries forced vaccines this year, Mr. Guo has emphasized more than once that the U.S. vaccine order will definitely be stopped, and it will definitely start with a lawsuit by private property owners. The root cause of the worldwide vaccine disaster is the Chinese Communist virus, the result of the vaccine disaster is the  corruption of U.S. officials and the Chinese Communist Party. It is up to the U.S. to stop the vaccine disaster. The U.S. will first stop the mandatory vaccines before the rest of the world can stop.

The exposing of the truth about the Covid virus and vaccines by the Whistleblowers’ Movement has been widely disseminated to the English-speaking world through the Bannon War Room and has caused a huge outcry in the Western world, especially in the United States. The suspension of the vaccine order demonstrates the enormous influence of the New Federal State of China, the Whistleblowers’ Movement, and the Bannon  War Room.

Article: Bannon’s War Room Played a Key Role in Suspending the U.S. Vaccine Mandate

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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