Artemisinin’s potentials in treatment & adjuvant therapy of cancers

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A fellow fighter asked if artemisinin is good for treating all types of cancers, or just one type, Dr. Eglise

Thank you, Khaleesi. Great question.

I wish I had a definitive answer; but unfortunately, I don’t.

Even the research of artemisinin in adjuvant therapy for cancers has been going on for 10+ years,

with many papers published, still they were not based on trials on humans; only on cells, or animals at best.

Human trials of large-scale are very rare, or, never.

A very few clinical cases have been reported; they cannot be called clinical trials at all.

In short, intentionally or unintentionally, the research of artemisinin for cancer treatment has been marginalized.

Was it intentional?… Anyway, artemisinin research has never made it to the top-priority, mainstream list

So it’s received neither funding nor material support, which explains the coverage of it is even sporadic

All you could find from searches is, by chance, a case of cell line from colon cancer

You may presume it could be used for treating colon cancer

That’s why I dared use artesunate in treating one fellow fighter, as his condition was metastasis of colon cancer

since the published report stated the cell line was from colon cancer

As for other cancers, for example, today a fellow fighter asked about his relative who has lymphoma, that’s a different story altogether

These tumors come from glands, epithelium, lymphoid tissue, blood system – all are different as their behaviors vary biologically

The ways tumors grow are also different, that is, the characteristics of the tumors

which lead to different prognosis, and hence different treatments

I am not aware of any single treatment or drug in the world that can beat all cancers

So far I have never heard of such, and would not imagine so.

We all have high hopes for artemisinin, but it really takes time to do due diligence in research.

In case a malignant tumor has progressed beyond cure, i.e., metastasis throughout the body, no other treatment could help

and you offer yourself as an experimental subject, an animal for trials, that’d be a different matter.

But each country has its own laws; you have to act within its legal framework. But even when someone offers himself as a subject

you’d need someone who dares to take on this experiment, many legal issues are involved too

I know we all have a heavy heart, feel anxious, but we have to let it take its course.

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