The men who had undergone kidney transplantation received four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in a row. Surprised “No antibodies in the body”

Thomson 2021-11-12

Linde took four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but there was no antibody in the body. (Picture/Reuters)

CNN reported that Linde underwent a kidney transplant in September 2019. The kidney donor is his wife Emily (Emily). He must take immunosuppressive drugs for life after surgery to prevent rejection in the body. At the time of the outbreak of the pandemic in the United States, Emily would have to be in contact with homeless friends and prisoners due to work relations. In order to reduce the risk that her husband may potentially face, she moved back to her natal family in March 2020. However, with the advent of the COVID-19 vaccine, also brings a glimmer of hope for two people.

Linde received two doses of Pfizer vaccine, followed by an additional dose of vaccine and a booster shot, for a total of four doses of vaccine. However, the original hope is now shattered again, because Linde does not produce any antibodies in his body.

With the advent of the COVID-19 vaccine, Linde and Emily see a glimmer of hope. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

“I have no antibodies at all,” Linde said bluntly. The facts before him made him shocked, scared, and angry at the same time. I still feel unsafe now, even more unsafe than what it was at the beginning of the epidemic. It may be infected in the post-epidemic period.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately nine million Americans, or 3% of the U.S. population, have moderate to severe immunodeficiency. It includes cancer patients undergoing treatment, organ transplant patients, bone marrow transplant patients, AIDS or HIV carriers, and patients taking high-dose corticosteroids or other patients that can suppress the immune system.

According to a new study published by the US CDC last week, people with insufficient immune function may need to receive three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and one dose of the booster to have the same protective effect as those with normal immune function.

Lind found that he had no antibodies in his body, fearing that he would be infected with the virus. (Photo/Reuters)

After four doses of the vaccine, there was no antibody, and people’s normal life was destroyed by the epidemic and the vaccine. Vaccines are not people’s hope, but even worse. A vivid example sobers people’s minds, and the truth will come to light sooner or later.


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