[November 11th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is November 11th

November 11th is Singles Day. Wow, how is it going with the CCP’s Singles Day? For the past ten years or so, each year on November 11th, Singles Day, what we have experienced are just fake and fraudulent games that Alibaba, Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), Taobao, Tencent, and that hot shit JD.com have played. How are they doing now?

Tik-Tok used to be so popular. Right? Tik-Tok’s usage data in the past few months shows that the company is doomed. Isn’t there a significant decrease of users?

In just the last two or three days, at least I know no fewer than 20 international funds are on the verge of bankruptcy. They are moving funds overseas from China.

What is a fund? That is, you give your money to a third party who will manage it and make investments for you. The fund gets to call the shots. Whether making money or not, it charges you a 2.5% management fee. When it makes profit, the fund will take 20% of the gains, of course plus the 2.5% management fee. If the fund fails to make money or sustains a loss, that’s your hard luck to lose your investment, but you still must pay the 2.5% management fee.

Now these funds and the CCP’s dirty deals are finished, and they are about to go bankrupt. So, you can see many luxury properties in liquidation everywhere. Those “naive investors” who invested in these funds have been ripped off.

Many people do not know that there are countless scam funds behind the small amount of successful ones you see in the world. The fund business is like an international P2P — peer-to-peer lending. I do not believe any investment opportunity in the world can match investing in the Himalaya Reserve.

When I went to bed at 2:00 am this morning, the price of Himalaya Coin (HCN) was still around $23 or $24. As I woke up before 5:00 am, its price was close to $25.

Oh my God, the price has gone up over $6 from yesterday. What does that $6 increase mean? It means that the value of the 600 million HCNs held by fellow fighters has increased by $36 billion — $36 billion! And that $6 increase is also 60 times HCN’s initial issue price ($0.1). Brothers and sisters, do you understand the significance?

Can Elon Musk or Bill Gates compare to us? Fellow fighters, you guys are fantastic that you are so wise to pick Brother-7! See how thick-skinned I am, Brother-7 is just so unashamed.

But it is still early, and you do not have to rush. Much favorable news has not yet been announced, including the launch of the payment function and large institutional investors’ joining. So, it is still at an early stage, but the market is already a bit sizzling.

I noticed that some investment institutions are trying to control the price from rising too quickly and are using large sell orders to hold down the price. If they did not do that, the price could go up a lot higher. 

One day has passed since I announced the 3-week waiting time (for the big news to be released).

I just finished my work out for today, and wow, I am drenched in sweat. This is the second t-shirt I have changed. Sorry, this is the third one. I am drenched in sweat. It is a bit cool today, so I put on a warm jacket after the exercise. I was completely drenched in sweat.

Now I have to post the GETTR video that our fellow fighters asked for first. Because many fighters said Brother-7 should record a GETTR video for today. Then I must satisfy their requests and post this video before taking a shower.

What caught my attention the most was that on November 11th this year, the CCP could no longer take advantage of the Singles Day boom and falsify the “1111” economy. The CCP, do you still have some shame? Don’t you see what a fake economy you have made? Don’t you see how much you have ruined our nation?

There are still many people in China seeing no danger and still believing in the CCP’s propaganda, which is — although parents have kindness for their children, the Communist Party is dearer than parents. To those who have such a mind, you keep on following the CCP’s lies.

To those fellow fighters who still have difficulty passing the KYC verification to create your personal account, please contact our Himalaya Farms. It is safe, and you will get a quick solution to your problem. I have sent some contacts to the Himalaya Farms.

Second, the information that people in China are not allowed to invest in the Himalaya Exchange is completely bullshit. People from China can definitely invest here, one hundred percent sure, no problem at all.

In addition, soon our Himalaya Farms will set up different kinds of investment platforms to serve many fellow fighters in China. Himalaya Farms can carry out various businesses, for example investment funds and wealth management products.

Like in Australia, our fellow fighter Mu Lan already has a fund which will be rolled out soon. This fund has already obtained the license, and it can accept investments from China. This fund can help you to invest in HCNs.

As we said today, fellow fighters, as long as the fund is helping fellow fighters to invest and the investment is limited to Himalaya series and G-Series, Brother-7 can be responsible for your investment if there is any loss. If they make profit, the gains are yours — only on the condition that you invest in a fund established by the Himalaya Farms.

We have another fellow fighter whose fund in Japan was just entrusted with colossal money. The money comes from some “big shots” in China. It is not difficult to handle. I have told this fellow fighter that he can be at ease. Brother-7 can be responsible for the potential losses. And the money he makes is his. It is even possible to give him some original shares as support in due time — but such support will only be available for our fellow fighters, not for anyone else.

We will select 20 to 30 fellow fighters and set up such funds in 30 or 40 cities. Those who cannot purchase HCNs directly in China can invest in these funds to bypass the restrictions and invest in HCNs successfully. Does the CCP still want to restrict Chinese people from buying HCNs through disgusting tricks? Brother-7 can quickly solve such a problem.

But if you invested in those American funds I mentioned at the beginning of the video, the funds who cooperated with Xu Jiayin (Chairman of Evergrande Real Estate) and invested in real estate in China — that kind of investment, they call it diversified investments — sorry I have nothing to do with your gain or loss.   

I hope our fellow fighters and Himalaya Farms can act quickly and seize the opportunity of H-Pay, the upcoming launching of payment function, and the opportunity of opening your own funds.

Regarding how to set up a fund, please discuss with the Himalaya Alliance Committee. If you operate your fund following the agreed rules, you will make big money. You can put your money in the fund and manage it. Then you will be able to make this business considerably bigger. 

So, everybody, wait and see. You will see what happens in the coming days.

Unbelievable! All the people the CCP previously sent to scam money overseas, such as Shen Nanpeng (founder and managing partner) of Sequoia Capital, are selling their assets. All of the Shen Nanpeng family have been arrested. For he is related to Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of Jiang Zemin, former Chinese president and General Secretary of the CCP), Sun Lijun (former Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security), Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee), and Wang Qishan (current Chinese Vice President). Now he has to sell his assets as well.

In a certain country… oops, it nearly slipped my mouth. Forget it, I think it will be okay to let you know about it — in Japan, a fellow fighter assisted a certain Himalaya Farm to purchase a house in Kyoto, which can be used for covert conferences.

When the payment was made, it was said that the house was originally the property of a big shot in China. The house was sold at a very low price. It was bought for more than 20 million dollars before, but only sold for slightly over 11 million dollars this time, despite the rising Japanese real estate price. Selling at such a low price is obviously to collect cash as soon as possible.

After the payment was made and the inspection was completed, our fellow fighter moved into the house. After staying there for just one week, he sent me some pictures, “Brother-7, I found over $700,000 in cash in the house,” he said. 

What can we infer from the money, brothers and sisters? The money was deposited there by the previous owner, the big shot. He hid the money there and did not want the CCP to know about it. But he could not touch the money either. We could tell it was the CCP that sold his house, implying that this person is in a state of losing his freedom.

Note how many significant events like this are ongoing around the world? Just right here, around Central Park, there are 40 to 50 more properties for sale. All are related to the CCP officials, all are luxury properties.

Where do you think you can invest under such a global financial and economic situation? — The stock market needs collateral loans, consumer price inflation, vast unemployment, vaccine disaster, even death of healthy athletes. Where do you think you can invest?

Do you still intend to invest in real estate? What is the benefit to purchase such property that you cannot even live in or is meaningless to you, but its value will constantly depreciate and never appreciate, with additional monthly costs? Would that be of any sound investment for you? 

Or would you feel safe to purchase a bunch of cars that you won’t drive and won’t need, just resting them there? Even Elon Musk is selling his stocks. How much do you think the stocks you bought will be worth in the future?

I am convinced that there are only two things in the world that can make money: gold and crypto currencies. But note that you should only invest your money in some valuable crypto digital currencies, better with the stabilization mechanism. In this case, there are limited crypto currencies for you to invest in. I very much question the future of bitcoin. Although its price may continue to rise, eventually, it will become worthless.

Brothers and sisters, it is you who have created this unprecedented miracle of humanity. You deserve to have it, and you should protect it and cherish it.

Be Sima Yi (a Chinese politician during the Three Kingdoms period of China), and do not be Cao Cao (another politician during the Three Kingdoms period). It was Sima Yi who, in the end, unified China.

Do not be like Liu Bei (another well-known politician during the Three Kingdoms period), having such a son named Liu Shan. If you were a man like Cao Cao with such sons and grandsons, you would be doomed to lose everything.

Try to be like Sima Yi, who had enough patience and stayed healthy, he could spend more than ten years “sharpening the sword.” In the end, he was the winner.

Let others toss, laugh, cry, jump, curse, or be jealous — compared to who you were yesterday, what did you lose? Keep your eyes on what can make you surpass others for tomorrow. Everybody should ask themselves these questions, brothers and sisters.

A fellow fighter who bought HCNs two days ago at a price over $10 asked me, “Brother-7, did I buy it at a high price?”

“Here is the deal,” I said, “if you are concerned about buying at a high price, let us make a bet. I can guarantee to bear your loss in the next 30 days, but you will give me half of the profits you make as a bet. Are you willing to bet with me?”

Guess what? This fellow fighter messaged me last night, saying, “Brother-7, I made money.” What you have now is almost all the money you can spend in the future, and there will be hardly any other money. Brothers and sisters.

Time is up, I won’t say more. I have so much to share with you, see you in tomorrow’s big live broadcast.

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