11/11/2021 China Insight

  1. November 8th. What is the cause for her death, the low temperature or the Covid-19 vaccine? A dance teacher in Beijing collapsed during a lecture and died of heart infection on the same day.
  2. Xinjiang residents are being filmed while forced to take oral “covid medicine.” Another wave of human rights abuses under the disguise of pandemic prevention.
  3. They can buy and sell electric scooters but the buyers are not allowed to drive them. What kind of logic is this? Two small childrens are shocked while their family vehicle was taken away by the police.
  4. A road that leads to nowhere: the chaotic reality of Communist Chinese urban planning.
  5. November 5th, Yantai, Shandong Province. Electric poles and other obstacles have blocked the bicycle lines, endangering bikers.
  6. Maoming, Guangdong Province. A small baby is suspected of being thrown away outside of an orphanage.
  7. November 9th. CCP officials occupied themselves with fake action photo shoots, while the sanitary staff working in a dangerous environment outside of the camera frame.
  8. A sanitary worker was fired from his job after he lent his shavel to a snow-trapped resident. His boss suspected him of “being lazy.”
  9. November 10th. Huangshi, Hubei. A 9th grade student complains to his father about his heavy workload in tears. Students in the test-oriented CCP’s education system have never experienced the joy of learning.
  10. Beijing. Food delivery boy sinks into depression after his delivery item was confiscated.
  11. November 3rd, Zhengzhou, Henan. A delivery boy’s scooter was locked by the mall security guards and he tried to reason out with them. Instead of giving the scooter back, the securiy guards beat up the boy.

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