Restrictions for Unvaccinated Queenslanders

Source: Melbourne Athena Farm (Jie Fu Shuo Shuo)

Author: Lish
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Australia Queensland expects 80% of locals aged 16 and older to get fully vaccinated by 17 December 2021, and the border restrictions plan to be eased by then.  And the unvaccinated people will still face restrictions when 80% of the Queenslanders get a double dose.

For example, vulnerable venues, such as hospitals, aged care facilities, jails, and disability care accommodation forbid unvaccinated people to visit (exceptions may be granted for medical treatment, end-of-life visits, childbirth, or certain emergency cases).

Unvaccinated Queenslanders are also prohibited from attending any non-essential leisure activities, entertainment, and hospitality venues, which means the unvaccinated can only be out for shopping and exercises.

What’s also amusing?  If you invite an unvaccinated to your wedding, the wedding will be restricted to a maximum of 20 people.

The justification for the above restrictions is that all these activities are not for human beings’ essential needs, and the government believes that the unvaccinated pose threats to the community once borders reopen.  But in reality, we all know, this is not about science, not about health, but only about control, absolute control! As a result, people are losing their freedom and basic human rights every day as we speak. And it will only get worse if it does not stop. There is no doubt that the restrictions will cause division, social conflicts, and give rise to mental health and a range of other issues.

Insofar, the Queensland vaccination rate is lagging behind most of the states. Until 12 November 2021, only 68.08% of its residents are fully vaccinated. Thus, the Queensland government is desperately trying to coerce more people to take the jab in order to reach its target. It is clear that the Queensland government has no regard for the gross violation these so-called COVID measures have caused on the people’s freedom and wellbeing.

We are being labeled “selfish” when we only wanted to uphold our basic rights and fight for our freedom. And the unvaccinated are being projected as the “enemy” of the people merely for speaking up the truth and making a conscious choice for our own health.  I firmly believe the vaccine mandate will soon be halted. Anyone who mandates the CCP virus vaccines is a murderer and will be charged under the Nuremberg code.  

Fight for your freedom and resist!


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