Biden Administration Continues to Enforce Ban on Investment in Chinese Communist Party Military-Linked Companies

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President Joe Biden reportedly said on November 9th that he would continue the Trump administration’s policy of prohibiting U.S. capital investments in companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s military.

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Biden noted that Communist China continues to use funds from the United States to further and promote the development and modernization of its military and intelligence, which would directly threaten the security of U.S. forces on the mainland and overseas.

Mr. Guo’s continued revelations have allowed the United States to finally understand that the CCP is using private companies in a military-civilian fusion manner to defraud the world’s capital markets and steal various military technologies. The Biden administration continues to prohibit U.S. investment firms and retirement funds from investing in and purchasing stock in companies with a Chinese military background, in an effort to prevent further harm to the United States.

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