GT Online: Delta Variant Strain of Virus Found in Both Beijing and Dalian

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According to Sohu News on November 11, Gene sequencing in Dalian, Liaoning Province, has started simultaneously, and has completed sequencing of the genome of the Covid 19 in 24 samples from 16 cases in Dalian Zhuanghe City, which belong to the Delta variant strain. At present, Dalian has designated 24 areas in 3 local counties as medium risk areas and implemented corresponding control measures.

As of 24:00 on November 11, a total of 7 cases of neo-coronavirus infection associated with out-of-province co-infected cases were found in Beijing, including 2 cases in Chaoyang District and 5 cases in Haidian District. The Beijing CDC laboratory has completed whole-genome sequencing of the virus in the five confirmed cases, and sequence analysis shows that the viruses all belong to the Delta variant strain. This is highly homologous with the genetic sequence of the early cases, and it is more likely to belong to the same transmission chain. The possibility of transmission due to importation of potentially infected individuals from outside Beijing in the early stage cannot be ruled out at the same time. Detailed flow tracing of this outbreak is still underway.

On November 4, one new confirmed case was reported in Dalian, which is an employee of the first station fixed cold storage in Zhuanghe, Dalian. Up to now, a total of 163 cases of Covid 19 pneumonia infection have been reported in Dalian, of which, 83 cases were confirmed and 80 cases were asymptomatic infections.

According to the report, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the city of Dalian launched a city-wide nucleic acid testing on the 7th of this month, At the same time, the state and Liaoning Province mobilized mobile cabin and “air film cabin” and other testing forces and personnel to support the city of Dalian. So far, Dalian Zhuanghe City has completed 5 rounds of nucleic acid testing, except Zhuanghe, Dalian City has completed the 1st round of nucleic acid testing, and the 2nd round of full nucleic acid testing was launched in the afternoon of the 11th. The current round of the outbreak is characterized by aggregation of units, aggregation of families, aggregation of schools, etc. The viral load is high, fast spreading, highly infectious, and intergenerational transmission is about 2 days.


辽宁大连本轮疫情病毒为德尔塔变异株 24个区域划定为中风险地区 


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