[November 9th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, it is already November 9th. Geez, time flies! 

Look at the golden leaves. Look at the lovely red leaves. They are so beautiful, and the birch forest is so stunning! Compared to the dirty snow falling in Beijing now, the smell of black mud on the roads, and the smell of burning coal everywhere, the Chinese really deserve much sympathy.

I had a phone call very early this morning with the family of a friend who was in the CCP system. Technically, he is a friend, not a fellow fighter.  I was heartbroken hearing the sad news.

‘So good. Morning!’ [Miles greets someone]. The person is carrying a lance.

The friend I just mentioned was from Shanghai, very healthy, only in his 60s, but passed away the day before yesterday. It was about last year when the vaccine was first introduced, he called me and asked, “Miles, what do you think of the vaccine? what is your opinion?”

I said, “we had known each other as brothers for many years, and I would advise you not to take it.” I briefly stated my opinion.

“Miles, do you think my life is more valuable, or the life of the president of the US?” He asked again. I said that everybody’s life was precious.

“In fact, the life of the President of the US is worth more than mine. He is more important than me. The President has already been vaccinated, why wouldn’t I?” said he.

“If you say so, you must think it makes sense. Then you should go ahead and get the shot.” I replied. I was a little pissed off at him back then. But the news of his death still came as a shock to me.

Even though he had access to very advanced healthcare, it did not save his life. He had such good living conditions and political advantages. But he is gone now. Not only was he dead, all his family members, except the youngest grandson, were vaccinated. Even his granddaughter was vaccinated. As far as I know, at least three of his family members have already had adverse reactions.

The exposure of the truth about vaccines is the greatest gift that the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) have brought to everybody. Otherwise, even if the price of Himalaya Coin (HCN) goes up 10,000 times, you would not be able to enjoy it. Could you enjoy that wealth? How could you spend any money if your life was gone?

I have heard that the atmosphere of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CCP Central Committee held in Beijing is quite intense — extremely intense! Can it not be heated? Do you really think the Deng Xiaoping (former General Secretary of the CCP) family, the Jiang Zemin (former General Secretary of the CCP) family, the Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee) family, and the Zeng Qinghong (former Vice President of the PRC) family will not act? No way!

It is just how the outcome of the dogfight will be presented to the world, will it end with a sudden noise of ‘kaboom’, or will it develop into an earth-shattering battle. Right? It all depends on what will happen.

So, brothers and sisters, there is never such a time in Chinese history that I can remember where we, the members of the NFSC, can really have so much hope, opportunity, and blessed prosperity from God as we have now. Heaven is helping us!

What’s going on with the price of HCN in the past two days is not complicated. The current horizontal price movement of the HCN is to wait for more people to join after they complete the KYC (the Know-Your-Customer verification) process, more Himalaya Dollars to be deposited, and more bank accounts to be opened.

Otherwise, if the HCN’s price goes up 200 times — of course, it is quite reasonable for you to sell HCNs and take away the profit you have earned if its price goes up 200 times. But what about the rest of the fellow fighters after you withdraw such a large amount of money?

Have you thought about what would happen if the price of HCN surges without any stops? The first group of fellow fighters who had the chance to purchase 600 million HCNs with only 60 million US dollars accounts for 60% of the market share, or even more.

The newly joined fellow fighters need to pay 200 times the initial price ($0.1) to buy your HCNs as of now. If the price of HCN continues to soar, they might have to buy HCN at 1000 times the initial price. How can those fellow fighters afford it? We should give more fellow fighters, give those who are falling behind a chance to buy HCNs. 

So do not be too greedy! But then again, what are you afraid of when the price drops? You should not be afraid of the price drop. How much can it fall? Even if the price of HCN drops 200 times, there is still $0.1 left, and you are not going to lose any money. Right? So, you just sit tight, wait and see.

As I told you before, the real potential and market value of HCN will not be realized if the three necessary requirements that I talked about earlier are not met.

Now the US has reopened its tourism, air travel restrictions have also been lifted. Wow, so many people are now looking for help — “hey, can you do me this favor, do me that favor?” They are all flocking to America. Why don’t they go to Beijing? If Beijing is so good, and the US, the American Empire is so awful, shouldn’t they all go to Beijing? 

People are all flocking to America. Even Europeans are flocking to the US, let alone people in Beijing, Shanghai, and impoverished rural villages. Why? Can you find a place with an environment like my surroundings in Beijing? Even Zhongnanhai (Beijing) does not have such a place.

Have you noticed, what good is it for us when people are all leaving China? They will bring money with them and buy HCNs. Ha-ha! Do you realize how many people are waiting to pass KYC verification and purchase HCNs? Have you seen it?

In addition, everyone should still be very careful about the CCP virus. I am worried there will be another round of virus outbreaks, and I do not even rule out that the CCP might deliberately release more viruses. But it will be a double-edged sword.

The US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury Department, and the US real estate industry have already sensed the danger. The alarm bell has rung — Clang! Clang! Clang!

Many people in Washington D.C realized that as long as the crisis of Chinese real estate companies such as Country Garden, Sunac, and Evergrande spreads to the US, that is if these companies fail to continue to repay their debts, the US will surely be in big trouble.

Of course, these companies definitely will not be able to pay back the money. What do they have to repay their debts?

Even if the price of HCN drops 200 times, it is still worth $0.1, and you will not lose any money. But even if the value of those Chinese real estate companies increased by 100 million times, or 1 billion times, it would still be useless because they were not worth any money. How can they repay the hundreds-of-billion US dollar debts? Even if you give them the entire Guangdong province’s money, it would not be enough to repay their debts.

I heard that they sold a few planes to raise money to pay off the debts — that must be a joke. Compared to their debts, selling a few planes to raise money is just like our fellow fighters throwing away a pair of socks. Isn’t it a joke?

Everything has just begun. So, everybody, calm down, calm down. Stay calm.

Someone just made a few appointments with me. They hope that I can give a private speech this Saturday, Sunday, and following Monday about the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CCP Central Committee, as well as the crisis of Sunac, Evergrande, and Chinese real estate companies, including R&F Properties. Do not underestimate the crisis of R&F, it involves massive funds. 

Soon, the crisis will spread to Hong Kong. It is still early for the whole situation to develop. 2022 is a year of economic disaster, a year of tragedy for real estate. You will see.

Brothers and sisters, our good days have just begun. Everybody should stay calm. That is all I want to share with you for today. I am going to a meeting with our team in Japan now.

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