Comparing Singapore and Indonesia Shows Ivermectin Works For Covid

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Singapore and Indonesia have adopted two very different approaches when it comes to their pandemic response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Being two neighbouring countries, it is useful to compare their experiences.

Indonesia allows use of ivermectin while Singapore essentially bans it

The Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency granted the Emergency Use Authorization for the use of ivermectin as a therapeutic drug for Covid-19 patients back in July 15th. Since then, the new Covid-19 cases in Indonesia began to fall drastically and reaching a low of 628 on November 4th.

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Daily Covid-19 deaths in Indonesia has also plummeted to a new low of 19 on November 4th.

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Meanwhile Indonesia’s neighbouring country, Singapore, has essentially banned the use of Ivermectin for Covid treatment. The Singapore Health Ministry asserted in recent days that “Deworming medication Ivermectin is not a miracle drug that can cure Covid-19 patient.”

Singapore which intercepts 23,100 imported ivermectin tablets in recent weeks in October, continue to struggle with surges in Covid-19 cases. Instead of allowing use of this cheap generic drug that has been used safely by humans since the 1980s, Singapore has relied on high Covid-vaccination rate in the hope of achieving herd immunity.

What are the results?

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Singapore, with much higher vaccination rate, performs more poorly than Indonesia

The government of Singapore began its mass Covid vaccination program in February 2021. Singapore has one of the highest vaccination rate in the world. As of November 7th, 86% of Singapore’s population have received at least their first dose, and 85% of Singapore’s population have received both doses of Covid-19 vaccines (“fully vaccinated”).

Singapore’s vaccination rate
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In contrast, Indonesia has a much lower Covid-vaccination rate. Jakarta Globe reported that just above 78 million of Indonesian citizens are fully vaccinated. This translates to about 28% of a total population of over 277 million.

Using the coronavirus comparison tool by Our World In Data, the huge disparities between the two countries in terms of Covid vaccination cannot be clearer.

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Indonesia, which has less than 30% of its population fully vaccinated, is performing much better than Singapore which has over 85% of its population fully vaccinated.

What more proof do we need that Ivermectin works?

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