Newsmax Publicly Opposed the Biden Administration’s Vaccine Mandate

Translated by: MOS Media Team – CloudSky

On November 8, Rob Finnerty, host of Newsmax’s ‘Wake up America’ program, pointed out that the Biden Administration’s requirement that enterprises vaccinate their employees is a dangerous overreach of federal power. For this reason, Newsmax firmly opposes this order. He said that no one should be forced vaccinated, and no one should suffer the consequences of being fired.

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Newsmax said that the federal government had never had a precedent of compulsory vaccination for citizens nationwide. Obviously, the compulsory vaccination order is the authority of the health and occupational safety department, and it is an abuse of power to go beyond the traditional health and safety regulations.

Newsmax also mentioned that the Appeals for the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court ordered the suspension of the COVID-19 vaccination last Friday. Newsmax believes that the judge’s decision shows that the injunction itself has serious legal and constitutional problems. In the subsequent hearing of this case, it is also necessary for more and more public to awaken and support this judgment.

Commentators pointed out that NewsMax was the first media to publicly oppose the vaccine mandate. The clear opposition of the media will play an important role in the complete cancellation of vaccine mandate.


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