Why is Hcoin price bar moving horizontal?

Summary and Translation: Jenny Ball
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During more than 4 hours live broadcasting on Nov 7, Miles Guo talked many important issues, such as the significance of the appeals court’s order to suspend Biden’s vaccine mandate authorization and the top subject of Himalaya Exchange, Hcoins/Hdollar and CCP’s economy on the brinks of collapse. As for HE, you have to watch the video at least 5 times to fully understand what HE and Hcoin really meant. I am hereby doing the summary of Miles broadcasting in separate subject. Here is on why the Hcoin price bar moving horizontal on Himalaya Exchange board?

Let me ask a question, why is the price line horizontal? There are always big orders that come in and buy $100,000, so long as you offer your Hcoins, 200Hcoins, for example people will pay$200,000 to buy them all, that is, if a big buyer buy, it will be smashed you since they will buy and then get disappeared. I now ask you the simplest question, why?

Here is an example for demonstration:

Look at the beggar entering the restaurant and grab the steamed buns. There is a cash machine next to them as well as sea loads of abalones, Lobsters. When people see those beggars eating steamed buns, they think the buns are definitely delicious, so they grasp steam buns as well and will forget everything else.

I’m telling you,What do you think these beggars do  when they are full? Robbery.  what’s to rob? Cash. They’d smash all the cash machines in your restaurant and robbed all the cash. Your restaurant will be over, and you will become a beggar yourself. It’s that simple.

Similarly, let’s do a calculation:

This year there are only 1 billion Hcoins, our comrades accounted for 600 million while institutional investors accounted for 400 million, How much is the market value of HE today? This year, HE made a profit of 100 million U.S. dollars.

HE has already received 60 million from our comrades and 40 million from institutional investors. His total income is 100 million U.S. dollars. This year, no matter how tossing the price, the HE will only be 100 million U.S. dollars. Understand?

What Miles has done, you always forget the most important things. Because all Hcoin quota this year has already been sold out to you and institutional investors before it went public. Does what I said make sense?

Second, 100 million US dollars are on the account. How much is the remaining Hcoins you sold now? It’s worth 19 billion. Doesn’t it mean that you need 18.9 billion cash to come in to sell all your Hcoins, right?

Then I would like to ask everyone, where does this 18.9billion come from? the price of Hcoins have risen up. For example, now you have 1 million Hcoins. How much is multiplied by 190 times? that is 190 million, correct? If you want to smash these 1 million Hcoins or 100,000 Hcoins, you need someone to give you $19billion in cash, isn’t it? Someone has to buy them!

From the internet

What will the buyer buy? Have to be hdollar. Do you know how much Hdollars are with HE now from our comrades? Even if there are 2 billion dollars, how many Hcoins can you buy? You tell me today? You can only buy 10%, because the market value is 20 billion.

Hcoin has risen 200 times, and you need 199 times the cash to come in to buy hcoin. And our comrades won’t sell. Now everyone remembers the important point, you have to have hdollar to form a transaction. After the market opened, everyone is now queuing to put Hdollars in HE. Only those who open new accounts with HE have the money to buy your hcoin, because they have to pass the KYC first, and then they can transfer hdollar to trade. is it correct?

Who has the cash to trade this so-called 200-fold increase? Now everyone is going to pay. For example, a comrade who originally planned to invest in GTV, and he has put aside $500,000 in HE. Since the GTV payment is not yet due, he estimated that to buy more hcoin with the capital. It’s very smart as he can sell them later at the good price.  In this way can the comrades can make money and he is quite smart actually.

But everyone got to remember, no matter how much hdollar you have, if you don’t have matching money into HE, what will be the result of this transaction? The CCP will come in and shortly selling HE.

Link of Miles Live broadcasting Nov 7,2021: gtv.org

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