Graduates From the Chinese University of Hong Kong Expressed Support to Their Schoolmates That Were Imprisoned for Participating in the Hong Kong Protests

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

According to Central News Agency (CNA)’s report on Nov 4th local time, students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) initiated protests against the school administration’s takeover of the student union at their commencement. They expressed their solidarity with their fellow schoolmates who failed to graduate, because of the imprisonment for participating 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests.

To better express their remonstration, some CUHK students posted large banners on the campus, carrying slogans like “Give Back Students Autonomy.” Some other graduates waved placards with the names of students that were sentenced in the Anti-Extradition Movement, and voiced their support by carrying signs that read “We Have Graduated, But They Cannot.”

In this regard, there are comments pointed out that Hong Kong is the Holy City of the New Federal States of China – the flame of democracy could never be extinguished, albeit it’s temporarily suppressed by CCP’s might. There is no doubt that justice will eventually prevail, and numerous young lives who made sacrifices will rest in peace.

Sources: Remonstration Reappeared on CUHK Graduation Ceremony in Support of Fellow Students Sentenced to Imprisonment for Participating The Hong Kong Protests

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