The CCP barred non-public capital from media-related business

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According to a report by Voice of America on October 10, China’s National Development and Reform Commission released the “Market Access Negative List (2021 Edition)” on its official website on October 8 to solicit the so-called public opinions. The list this year has added “prohibited” content related to six sectors, including the prohibition of non-public capital from engaging in media-related businesses. This means that the authorities will stop all non-public capital investment or entry into news-related industries.

Image Credit: Arab News

The Chinese government has been stepping up its control of the public’s right to speak. Accusing the entertainment world of “polluting” society and purging it, requiring regulation of the dissemination of Internet and mobile browser information, stopping the spreading of “rumors”, stopping the usage of sensational headlines, and prohibiting publishing content with any violation of “core socialist values”, etc.

Beijing’s new regulations prohibiting non-public capital from media-related business show that the Chinese Communist Party is stepping up its full control of Chinese society and increasing its control over speech. This is another retrogression in the Chinese Communist society.

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