Impact of COVID-19 and COVID Vaccines on Male Reproductive System

Translated by: MOS Education Team – RD16

The impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the COVID vaccines on male reproductive system have been reviewed and discussed by the MOS Medical Team on GTV live broadcast (in Chinese) on October 17, 2021. The content of this live-cast was summarized from below three perspectives: effects on germ cells in terms of anatomical structure; effects on male sex hormones; and effects of certain ingredients of the vaccines such as Graphene Oxide (GO) and their metabolites on the reproductive system.

Some of the key facts and findings discovered by the panel of medical doctors and experts from the MOS Medical team are listed as below (not necessarily in order of importance):

#1. Effects of COVID on germ cells: very few relevant autopsies or biopsies have been published so far. Based on the two relevant articles found, the key takeaways are shared in this article;  

#2. Reference data includes the dataset from the People’s Hospital of Shangqiu, Henan, China: total of 12 patients, of which 8 had comorbidities and 5 developed some types of cancer. Also, 38 cases of autopsy were done, 12 persons were tested COVID-positive.

#3. COVID may cause damages to the varicocele to various extents, with 4 as severe, 5 as moderate, and the rest as mild.  

Above: Pathological findings in the testes of 12 COVID-19 patients. Damaging areas are mainly in supporting cells.

#4. Effects of COVID on semen: mostly negative results

Numerous articles have disclosed that for the persons contracted the COVID virus, somehow their semen tests appeared to be COVID-negative. Based on these articles and Dr. TDCCP’s analysis, Dr. Wenzi cautiously raised a question that it may indicate that the effect of the virus infection on the male reproductive system may not be as that bad. Dr. TDCCP stated that before his research on this topic he was not aware whether there was a significant effect; however, he did know about some clinical symptoms reported such as orchitis, epididymitis, testicular pain, and testicular torsion, and that the male reproductive system is more susceptible to viral attack, while female’s is much less worrisome in this regard.

His findings on the same topic revealed that the COVID virus mainly attacks the supporting cells of the testes; and that orchitis is a viral inflammation, partially due to the fact that cytokines, once released, may have a harmful effect on the testes. In addition, when a patient has a fever, the increase in body temperature can be damaging to the testes, just as the excessive temperature of shower water could be harmful to testes. In short, Orchitis is the result of many comprehensive factors. Overall, it appears that the presence of actual COVID virus in the semen is relatively rare.

However, the People’s Hospital’s COVID tests in semen appeared to reveal positive results. In an attempt to make sense of this, below factors may be considered:

For the recovered COVID patients, it appears that the COVID positive rate tends to be higher. Another reason, as some of the articles that cited this data pointed out, false positives are very likely due to relatively high viral load in those patients. Since 24% of the samples were extracted from comatose or dying patients, the samples were more vulnerable to environmental contamination.

#5. Effects of the COVID virus on androgens

Many articles revealed the findings that reduced dihydrotestosterone in patients post coronavirus infection, which can affect sperm maturation and thus weakens the reproductive system functions.

Interestingly, the impact of many types of viruses on semen and testes appear to be very limited. The rationale behind is: when humans are conceived and created, naturally achieved blood-testis barriers are formed as a protective mechanism in order to help passing on healthy human genes. However, these natural barriers are more easily to be breached by viruses once a vaccine has been injected.

#6. Effects of Graphene oxide (GO) on the testes

Pfizer mRNA vaccines may contain Graphene oxide (aka, GO, a key ingredient not disclosed in the product description, claiming it is under patent protection).

Using some related videos and morphological control images as supporting evidence, it is explored whether Graphene oxide is indeed present in the COVID vaccines; or, whether it is merely a nanoplasmid (with no GO), in which case the morphology should look different. For your reference, below is a comparison of the electron microscopy images of Graphene oxide (left) vs. human vaccine samples (right), which revealed a high probability of the presence of Graphene oxide components inside the vaccine.

Some may suspect this could be just another conspiracy theory. In order to clarify in this regard, one may refer to the patent that was applied by a company based in Shanghai back in September 2020. The Communist Party controlled research center has patented the technology of using Graphene oxide in the production of the COVID vaccines in September 2020, just 8 months into the Pandemic (image below). The essence of this patent is: Graphene oxide is used as a carrier or vehicle to bring the vaccines ingredients (such as spike proteins) into human cells to produce more efficient “proteins”, aka, “antibodies”.

Above: A patent application submitted by Shanghai Nano Tech and Research Ltd. at National Engineering and Research Center (PRC). Application Date: 09/27/2020; Patent name: Nano Restructuring of Coronavirus with Graphene Oxide as a vehicle.

Above: Dr. Jane Ruby on “Stew Peters Show” exposed that Pfizer vaccines do have Graphene oxide, a toxic substance, as a key ingredient.

Wenfei added that the inability to infect the testes and the sperm of mice through the virus in the laboratory indicates that the natural barrier function in this regard is rather robust; however, compared to the penetration ability of nano-tech, it falls far short.

In an article published in 2016, it has been pointed out the Graphene oxide’s detrimental effects in humans include its ability to penetrate many of the body’s natural barriers such as the blood-testis barrier and the blood-epidididymal barrier.

The mRNA vaccine makers (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) claim that after injection, the immune response will be limited to local areas with certain local cells interacting with the drug, the spike proteins herein produced may eventually only reach lymphocytes cells, and only work in immune cells without entering into circulatory system and other organs. While the WHO has made no comments about this claim, a report originated from Europe depicted the fact that these spike proteins indeed have entered into other key areas of humans, for instance kidneys. On top of that, low doses of mRNA have also been detected in the heart, lungs, testes, and brain tissue.

This suggests that mRNA/LNP (lipid nanoparticles) can cross or breach various natural human barriers such as the blood-brain barrier. Once the blood-brain barrier is crossed, the mRNA/LNP substance will enter the neuro central system. As a consequence, neurological diseases may incur.

The mechanism by which viruses may cause testicular damage in men can be speculated as below:

The left side of the diagram shows direct damages. There are ACE2 receptors on the supporting cells that can bind to the virus, leading to direct viral damaging of the supporting cells. The right side of the diagram shows indirect infections, which may lead to derived damages such as androgen reduction in males, or negative impact on the spermatogenic function.

The spike proteins can bind to ACE2 receptors, and with a COVID vaccine injection, a large amount of spike proteins may emerge in the body that is more than what the body needs. These proteins can be found in almost all areas of the body that contain ACE2 receptors, and if a large amount of spike proteins accumulate in the testes and bind to ACE2 receptors on the supporting cells, testicular damages will incur.

The concerning impact the COVID vaccines have on human easily surpasses that of the COVID virus itself on a massive scale.

  • The effect of spike proteins on the testes
    ACE2 is highly expressed in supporting cells, and many studies have shown that spike proteins from the vaccine can enter human cells by binding to ACE2 receptors, and that spike proteins may also affect testicular mesenchymal stromal cells. Many of the articles exploring these effects are from China, and most of the final discussion section mentions that “people will need to consider going for an ART-assisted fertilization is a reproductive technology”. This further supports the statement by Mr. Miles Guo that “the value of unvaccinated sperms is getting extremely high from now on”. Mr. Guo has been in exclusive contact with a very high-ranking scientist in exile who participated first-hand in the research and development of COVID-19 in Communist China’s PLA. Mr. Guo’s well-planned investment in medical institutions such as sperm banks and assisted reproduction since a long time ago is a testament to further validates the accuracy of Mr. Guo’s intel.
  • ADE effect of mRNA vaccine
    The ADE effect of COVID mRNA vaccines has been quite well known in medical field, but these phenomena have been selectively “ignored” by the vaccine makers. Since such phenomena have occurred during animal trial phase, it is imperative to apply more caution when considering use for humans. The massive vaccine pushes and mandates by all governments and organizations across the globe beg the question why such an experimental vaccine is being promoted and forced onto people, and on such a grand scale.

From the various factors illustrated above, it is easy to see that while COVID virus’ negative impact on the male reproductive system is limited, the potential damages incurred by the vaccines could be much worse. It is the intention of this article to alert as many people as possible, to spread truth about the COVID vaccines. May more and more people wake up soon, and say NO to the poisonous COVID vaccines.

*. Original article in Chinese (Original content by MOS Medical Team, compiled by Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声)
*. MOS Medical Team’s GTV broadcast aired on Oct 17, 2021

Proofread by: Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声
Posted by: RD16

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