Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 5th, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on November 5th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo urges brothers in arms to understand the relationship between investment, speculation, and voting rights. He says the Himalaya Coin will provide financial resources to the New Federal State of China. The $2 trillion market value of the Himalaya Coin has exceeded the CCP’s net foreign exchange reserve of $1 trillion. Miles Guo also comments on the CCP’s threat to Taiwan and infiltration in the US military. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

You have the freedom to decide how to use the Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Coin. 

I (Miles Guo) reiterate that nobody should speak on behalf of the Himalaya Dollar and Himalaya Coin unless you have the Himalaya Alliance’s approval. Lao Kai said in a Q&A that the Himalaya Dollar set aside for the GTV investment should not be used to buy Himalaya coins. As a result, people started selling the coins last night.

Since day one, I have said that you have the freedom to decide how to use your Himalaya dollars. You can buy anything you want with the coins. You can buy the Himalaya Coin in a minute or sell it the next second. No one can stop you. It is your freedom. If you lose the right to use the coin or cash out freely, the Himalaya Exchange will be our biggest enemy.

Yesterday one of the brothers in arms posted on Gettr that the Himalaya Exchange imposed restrictions on withdrawing cash. Let me inform you clearly that the Himalaya Exchange is still adjusting its features, and it can never limit your freedom to deposit or withdraw money. Neither can it control where your money is going.

You need to understand the relationship between investment, speculation, and voting rights.

Yesterday, an old American banker wanted Miles Guo to tell the poor brothers and sisters that there is opportunity in crisis in one’s life and that the Chinese are smart but never think about the looming crisis in opportunity and wealth. You can make a fortune in crisis, and wealth can breed crisis. What you invest in is called technology money, and without technology, the money will be gone. Technology can only exist in a state with the rule of law. Technology cannot exist without sovereignty.

He said that we should understand the relationship between investment, speculation, and voting rights. How lucky that the New Federal State of China has the support from the father of capitalism! It is important to keep investment and speculation in perspective. Without voting rights, an economy will not offer you a future economic return on investment. Without voting, all investment is speculation.

The CCP police failed to rob our brother in arms of Himalaya coins.

Yesterday afternoon in Mainland China, a brother in arms secretly sent me a message “urgent.” I immediately answered the phone. A very low voice said five or six police officers broke into the house and stood in the next room. Then the sound dropped off. He called me more than an hour later and said the whole family, including his mother’s brother and sister-in-law, has 1.5 million Himalaya coins, and they are GTV investors. The CCP police accurately targeted them. All the people who invested in the Phoenix Farm were asked to check in with the police. Anybody associated with Sara Wei was questioned. I told him to report the case, so he did. Maybe there were brothers in arms or nice people in the police. Another group of police immediately took action and arrested the intruders. Now our brother in arms is staying in a hotel and enjoying good food and drink.

What does the decline of the Himalaya Coin price from $20 to $13 yesterday tell us? 

The price reflects real trading, no fake trades. It proves the authenticity, greatness, and fairness of the Himalaya Coin and Himalaya Dollar. Your confidence should increase. We can’t have this result in the West if we don’t follow the market rules. In the market, the relationship between people is all about economic benefits.

What does it mean for the Hang Seng Index to hover at 24,000?

The Hang Seng Index has been trading within a few hundred points of 24,000. Hong Kong bought $270-$300 billion US Treasury bonds. The Hong Kong economy is $400-$500 billion, and the Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar are pegged. The Hong Kong dollar can be exchanged for a US dollar because of the peg. The stock index cannot be lower than 24,000 points, and the US treasury bond holdings cannot be lower than $300 billion; otherwise, the currency peg cannot be maintained anymore. In the past few years, the so-called Hang Seng Index has been absolutely fake.

Zhang Gaoli’s scandal is censored globally. When reporting about Zhang Gaoli, all the global Chinese media say the same thing, i.e., political struggle. Every incident is framed as a political struggle. Actually, Zhang Gaoli’s scandal has nothing to do with political infighting. Li Yundi’s scandal is not blocked but multiplied by the media. In contrast, Zhang Gaoli’s stories have been deleted. Have you seen any righteous media report about him? What happened to Li Yundi and Zhang Gaoli shows why the CCP wants to control the media. This is exactly why no one is exposing the fake Hang Seng Index.

No one is talking about how many people are jumping off buildings. No one has exposed the truth, especially the bankruptcy of export-oriented textile and shoe factories. Major enterprises in Dongguan and overseas all collapsed. These people supported the Hang Seng Index because many people do their business in Hong Kong, not Mainland China. What you see happening in the Hong Kong market today is fake. The finance is fake. Once Hong Kong finance’s lie is punctured, it will be a huge disaster. The fall of real estate in Mainland China will first ripple through Hong Kong. The Communist Party doesn’t want to mention the global impact of the crises: the real estate default, people jumping off buildings, and the debt crisis.

One coin defeated a country.

In the last few days, Xi was briefed about the Himalaya Coin. All the predictions have happened. First, the CCP failed to take down the Himalaya Coin and faced resistance in the Bahamas, US, UK, and Canada. These countries didn’t believe or support the documents provided by the CCP. The CCP sent letters everywhere about the alleged money laundering and fraud. The CCP claimed the People’s Bank of China’s anti-money laundering effort discovered the crimes, but their attempts to frame us and plant evidence failed.

Second, the CCP assessed the purchase volume. With thousands of financial institutions passing KYC, the price cannot be controlled. More than 1100 global financial institutions have opened accounts. Given the market value of the Himalaya Coin, “one coin defeated a country,” i.e., Communist China. The CCP’s foreign exchange is $3 trillion, but the net foreign exchange reserve is only $1 trillion. The market value of the Himalaya Coin has exceeded $2 trillion.

The vaccine disaster is severe in Beijing.

Just in the past month, hospitals in Beijing reported 70,000 cases of late-stage cancer. The abrupt deaths cases in Beijing reached at least 20,000. This is a conservative estimate from my buddy in the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau. He said that the people who came to the hospital with a survival rate below 20% were sent directly to the North Gate, i.e., Changping District’s crematorium.

You don’t know how ignorant the Chinese are. They are vaccinating children and the elderly. Many babies are born with deformities. Now when a deformed baby is born, he is wrapped in cloth and strangled to death. Babies with deformities are not allowed to live. Babies seem to be normal in the Ultrasound scans but are born with problems. The baby may have a heartbeat but no eyes. Hospitals order that China can’t accept newborns with disabilities. He hasn’t seen many parents blaming the vaccine.

The Himalaya Exchange has 130,000 users now.

Today the residents in the United States and Canada cannot open an account with the Himalaya Exchange. 90% of the market is inaccessible. The Himalaya Exchange has 130,000 users, including more than 70,000 brothers in arms. Coinbase had 50 million users at its IPO. If you need money, it’s OK to sell some coins at the end of this year or early next year. You can continue to monitor the market after next May. I (Miles Guo) do not have any opinion before that. At the very least, you should wait for the rollout of Himalaya Pay, full participation of institutional investors such as the sovereign funds, and the approval of a national virtual banking license. These milestones are the most critical events to watch before the intrinsic value of the Himalaya Coin is fully reflected in the price.

About six months to a year, you can pledge your Himalaya coins to borrow money. Because it is a huge project, especially involving the banking license and credit check, which varies in many cities around the world. Probably in less than six months, you can trade a variety of virtual currencies on the Himalaya Exchange.

St. Petersburg, the overseas RMB clearinghouse, will soon break off with the CCP.

St. Petersburg is the CCP’s base for clearing overseas RMB, BGY (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex), borrowing debt, and data centers. St. Petersburg will soon break off with the CCP completely. This is a result of the joint efforts of the world, Europe, America, and the New Federal State of China. You will soon see that the CCP will completely collapse.

When will the one billion Himalaya coins be issued next year?

Whoever asked the question did not read the white paper. One billion Himalaya coins will be issued every 12 months, not even a minute off. Within three months after the third-party audit, the approval of the numbers, and the verification of the legal license, the regulator will require the Himalaya Exchange to come up with the issuance price, which is the average of the trading price of the last three months. Institutional investors or a designated person can receive a 30% discount.

Can the Himalaya Coins that are lost under coercion be recovered?

100% of the coins can be recovered. You must read the white paper. All we say does not represent the Himalaya Exchange, Himalaya Coin, and GTV. We don’t have any relationship with these companies. We only come up with the concept of the structural design. The Himalaya coins lost under hacking attack or a gun can be recovered. This is the blockchain and the benefit of centralization.

What is the impact of the launch of the Himalaya Coin on the people in the CCP?

It feels like having the CCP’s skin and nerves removed. The CCP is running out of money, and the people have a place to keep their money. This is like removing the CCP’s nerves. One of my buddies works at the Customs building, and he was one of the secretaries of Vice Premier Wu Yi. According to him, his colleague Sister Fat said the launch of the Himalaya Coin and the Himalaya Exchange is an absolute slap in the face of the People’s Bank of China. The CCP spent the entire nation’s resources on the digital yuan, but their trials kept failing. 97% of the issued digital yuan are traded among state-owned banks. The CCP found a few Chaoyang people to try the digital yuan, but the money is missing and never comes back. However, the Himalaya Coin has been successfully launched despite the CCP’s global legal and media attack. This is like peeling the CCP’s skin and taking out its nerves. The difference is between good and evil.

US, Japan, Europe, and Australia sent hawkish signals on the Taiwan issue. Is the CCP’s threat to Taiwan mitigated?

The American conservatives winning in the states is good news for Taiwan. In a real CCP-Taiwan war, the US will wipe out the CCP in 3 minutes. I (Miles Guo) was expecting the Wall Street Journal to publish an article this morning. The US news media will soon report it. The media will say that the US economy will collapse when the CCP invades Taiwan.

The Republican Party’s win is miraculous and irreversible. The fact that the Commander-in-Chief of the United States is on the phone with the CCP’s Li Zuocheng shows that the vast majority of the US military is in collusion with the CCP. The CCP pretty much calls the shots in entire Washington.

How much does the United Nations spend per year? How much money do the United States and China give to the UN every year? China’s share is 12%, about $400 million. The US share is 20%, about a billion or so. We have the Himalaya Coin. Shall we pay all the UN expenses? Can the UN recognize the New Federal State of China? How about we pay all the UN expenses on behalf of Taiwan? If we cover the UN’s expenses for 3-5 years, can the UN recognize the New Federal State of China and Taiwan? In a capitalist society, it’s legal. It’s called controlling the narrative.

When the US said they would let Taiwan join the UN, the son of a bitch CCP was furious. If Taiwan becomes a UN member, Taiwanese assets such as TSMC are protected by the UN. If the CCP immigrates mainlanders to Taiwan, it will be defeated immediately and sent back to the stone age. And it’s about legitimacy. Brothers in arms, if you understand the power of capital, you will know that the future New Federal State of China is omnipotent.

Why do the American military and the CCP sing and dance together? This is the CCP’s last defense in America. Now Wall Street, the media, Capitol Hill, and everybody cry out for a fight with the CCP. Biden wants to destroy the CCP too. Trump is definitely anti-CCP. If they don’t take down the CCP, Mr. Pompeo will win the election. Anyone who wins must defend Taiwan. The New Federal State of China and Taiwan will obtain sovereignty and be recognized by the UN. That’s the significant point Miles Guo wants to talk to you about today.

Thirty-seven days later or after December 12th, something big will happen.

In 37 days, a lot of lies will be proven wrong and debunked. Definitely, it will be a big deal. Miles Guo can’t talk about it yet.

The anti-Chinese crisis and the vaccine disaster will be the focus of next year.

A few big things of next year will be the anti-Chinese crisis and the vaccine disaster. You won’t be able to imagine what the world will become after next May. You won’t know how bad the vaccine disaster and the anti-Chinese crisis will be. The only good thing is that they are good for the extermination of the CCP, but we don’t want to achieve it at the cost of the Chinese people.

Do you know the significance of the dozens of European countries decoupling from the CCP? The CCP’s entrance and exit of the WTO happened in twenty years. It’s terrible but can’t be stopped. The world cuts ties with the CCP. They don’t deal with each other anymore. It’s like two people going to court. The cultural and other exchanges between China and the world will slow down and eventually stop.

Indonesia’s anti-Chinese riots happened in 1968. Before 1961, China was their best friend. Overnight, Indonesia killed half a million Chinese and victimized over one million Chinese, three times the Nanking massacres. Yesterday afternoon, some European countries came to me (Miles Guo) and asked how much we could pay them to recognize the New Federal State of China. If we use the Himalaya Coin, we can buy many countries’ support. These sons of bitches are so greedy by asking a high price. What does that mean? Decoupling and anti-Chinese are in progress, and it’s full of uncertainty. Once the truth of the Covid vaccine and the coronavirus is confirmed, it will be huge. At that point, you’ll know the significance of having the Himalaya Coin and Himalay Dollar.

The timing of launching the Himalaya Coin on November 1st is critical.

Just a few hours before the Himalaya Coin was set to launch, the Himalaya Exchange requested us to give them three more days to prepare. If the launch were delayed, the consequences would be unthinkable. The CCP’s 6th Plenum will take place on the 8th. The CCP will take the oath to take Taiwan on the 11th. Oops, I (Miles Guo) shouldn’t have said this. The digital yuan will be listed on the 15th, followed by the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange. Once the so-called financial fraud and the national anti-triad campaign begin, how many brothers in arms will miss the opportunity? What the hell do these lawyers know? It’s called opportunity. Missing by one day, everything will be finished. It’s Godsent. No matter what, the Himalaya Coin was launched on November 1st, 2021.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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