The governments of Canada are carrying out medical tyranny against its people

Lucas 2021-11-06

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To the date of November 5, Canadian government achieved vaccination rate of 88.4% (partially vaccinated) and 84.3% (fully vaccinated) for the age 12+ years old [1]. Even the rate is significantly higher than magic rate for herd immunity (75%) claimed by the government at the beginning of its vaccination campaign. The Trudeau government is still not satisfied with those numbers but now steps farther to get the kids (5~11) vaccinated. It is clearly that the government eventually wants to get all Canadians. In order to force those unvaccinated inoculated, the health officials have even blatantly said Canada’s 4th wave of COVID-19 is a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

The unvaccinated Canadians are now denied to access flights, marine transportation, trains operated by Via Rail Canada and etc. Many people such as health and school workers are being suspended or removed from their positions without payment. At the beginning of the vaccination, the government claimed vaccination was voluntary, which indicates that the government has cheated its people. Now the government is playing the game again on vaccinating kids, and it can be expected that in the near future, the unvaccinated kids would be prohibited from attending schools.  

The federal and provincial governments have failed to uphold the Charter, Bill of Rights. Constitution and democracy in Canada have been eroded. They have become totalitarian and been carrying out medical tyranny against Canadians across the country. Canadians were fooled to allow the governments to overstep its authority unchecked. It was deprived of the individual’s right and freedom to choose whether to receive medical treatment (experimental vaccines). The Nuremberg Code internationally accepted falls in line with the spirit of our Charter and Bill of Rights. It affirms that participants in a medical experiment need to participate voluntarily without any form of force or coercion. What the governments have been doing since the pandemic indicates that it does not stand with its people but against its people.

Canadians need to know that they have to stand up and fight back against the totalitarian governments to get back their rights and freedom. Following Ontario, the government of Quebec recently gave up its mandatary vaccination requirement for health works. This is good example indicating that tyrant government usually step back once the resistance becomes strong enough as they are cowards. It is time now for us to unite and fight against the evil government; otherwise we will definitely lose all we have.


[1] COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Canada –

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